Born to the A-list American actor Johnny Depp and hailed as the youngest Chanel ambassador at 16 , Lily-Rose Depp is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after It girls. The 24-year-old actress is once again proving her fashion power in the new HBO series, “The Idol”, where she plays the aspiring pop star Jocelyn. 

Costume designer Natasha Newman-Thomas of “The Idol” said: “We wanted to bring a sense of darkness and sleaziness. You don't always see pop stars or the underbelly of the music world portrayed in that way”. Writer and editor Clementina Jackson commented that the outfits in the show have been “as naked, scandalous and out-there as you'd imagine”. 

In the opening scene of the series, Depp is seen wearing a lingerie robe custom-made by Newman-Thomas. A 1995 photo of American actress Marilyn Monroe inspired this look, according to Newman-Thomas and show-runner Sam Levinson. (Source: HBO) 

Newman-Thomas explained that many of the outfits were revealing because they were meant to distract from what Jocelyn was going through. Digital fashion writer Ava Gilchrist compared the look below to that of real-life pop star Britney Spears in 2008, with over-lined lips, micro mini skirts, and nip-slip bralettes. 

One of Depp’s outfits in episode 1, made up of the bra top from Didu and the micro mini skirt from fashion designer Danielle Guizio. (Source: HBO)
Also in episode 1, Depp wears a mini knitted see-through dress from the brand Aya Muse. (Source: HBO)

Newman-Thomas further added that her outfit choices for Jocelyn should feel out of reach to portray the pop star’s highly fantasy status. Gilchrist wrote: “Much like how Australia’s very-own Caroline Reznik has become a go-to for It-girls seeking her sensual, barely-there silhouettes that flirt with the morose and the mysterious, Jocelyn finds her power in flesh-laden and sensual ensembles”. 

Depp wears a custom-made body suit from designer Nusi Quero in a yet-to-air scene. (Source: HBO)


In a later episode, Depp takes the stage in a custom Greg Lauren dress inspired by the designer’s 2016 collection. (Source: HBO)

Premiered in early June, “The Idol” revolves around the life of pop star Jocelyn (Lily Rose-Depp) as she struggles with career difficulties, mental health problems, and her complicated relationship with cult leader Tedros (The Weeknd). While the series has received a majority of negative reviews due to its controversial use of obscene materials and portrayal of female characters, the show’s fashion details are worth looking out for.