In her MV, she wears a handmade cape with silver sequins at the neck on a silk georgette background. Silver and gold ombre leaves are embroidered on the robe that extends from the shoulders down to the feet. The dress is part of the “Between Light and Sea” Couture 2023 Collection by Azzi and Osta, an Arabic high-fashion brand.

She is said to be the incarnate of Nemesis - the goddess of revenge and hatred in Greek mythology. This is not the first time she has worn designs from Saudi Arabia. During her tour, Taylor used to wear costumes made by designers Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.

Taylor Swift in “Karma” MV with the dress from the “Between Light and Sea” Couture collection (Image: Karma MV, Taylor Swift)

Through the outfits and the MV’s details, some of her longtime fans speculate that the details in the MV allude to stories in her life about her love life, career milestones, public pressure…

Taylor wearing a devil mask (Image: Karma MV, Taylor Swift)

Besides individual outfits, Taylor also appears in a sweet and lovely appearance. She wears a yellow beret, a doll dress with Ruby Slippers shoes.

Taylor Swift in the baby dress (Image: Karma MV, Taylor Swift).

Back to sexy and personal costumes, Taylor wears a gold bodysuit with glitter. This outfit is said to be taken from the American Music Award 2019 and reminds fans of the singer's song "August", which was released in 2020. 

Taylor Swift in the golden suit within the hourglass (Image: Karma MV, Taylor Swift).

This seems to be Taylor’s favorite outfit as she soon wears it on her tour.

Taylor in her recent tour (Image: Taylor Swift). 

In the final scenes of the MV, she incarnates light bulbs with a golden outfit. This outfit of Taylor reminds her fans of the album 1989 (released in 2014) and the album Speak now (released in 2010) of the female singer.

Taylor Swift and hints about the new MV related to 1989 and Speak now (Image: Karma MV, Taylor Swift).

She always carefully invests in each of her mv from color, sound, to the image. She never disappoints when she always cleverly chooses the outfits for her mv.