The 54th Miss Thailand takes place in Nonthaburi City, Thailand. Among the competitors, Arabella Sitanan Gregory, runner-up of Miss Thailand 2023, stands out thanks to the beauty coming from 3 bloodlines - Thai, English, and Dutch. Before the finale, she is a brilliant candidate for the Miss title.

Beauty like “living doll” of Miss Thailand 2023’s runner-up (Photo: Thai Sashes)

After the competition, Arabella Sitanan Gregory often gorgeously appears when participating in entertainment events, her beauty is considered to be more upgraded, and more mature in her new position. At the same time, Arabella Sitanan Gregory is very interested in social issues, actively joining volunteer projects of community-based organizations. For example, the Operation Smile project that she is pursuing to help children with cleft lip and cleft palate have surgery, or supporting the LGBT community during Pride month.

Arabella Sitanan Gregory once won the Photogenic Model award at the 2019 Thailand Supermodel Contest. Besides, she also became the Brand Ambassador of the Thai Red Cross Society (Photo: Instagram)
Arabella Sitanan Gregory is currently participating in the Operation Smile project, helping children with cleft lip and cleft palate have the opportunity to have free surgery (Photo: Instagram)
Arabella Sitanan Gregory joins the event celebrating Pride month (Photo: fb@Arabella Gregory)

In daily life, Arabella Sitanan Gregory pursues a simple, elegant style. she prefers designs with neutral colors. In addition to using sexy costumes to enhance her body’s strength, the 21-year-old girl often appears in a dynamic, youthful, and age-appropriate appearance. Besides, her real-life gentle, natural makeup also makes an impression on the fans.

Real-life simple, gentle, and charming appearance of the 2002 beauty (Photo: Instagram)

With the existing qualities, Arabella Sitanan Gregory is expected to appear in the international beauty arena soon.

Hanah Q