Sasha Calle plays Supergirl in “The Flash”, DC’s superhero movie genre. In the movie, Supergirl, the sister-in-law of Superman, is captured by the enemy and then rescued by "The Flash". This is her first role after many years of acting in television series. 

 Sasha Calle plays Supergirl in “The Flash” (Photo: The Flash).

Playing the heroine role in the movie, Sasha in real life also possesses a significantly unique and bold fashion style. She prefers to wearing no bra when appearing in photos or public events. Eventually, it is considered a feature of her style.

Sasha Calle wears a suit, inside is a transparent fabric at the premiere of “The Flash: (Photo: Sasha Calle)
The actress often shares photos showing her no-bra style on social media (Photo: Sasha Calle)
Sasha Calle in the YSL’s event in early 2023 (Photo: Sasha Calle) 



Jue Dinh