DJ Lee Wu and the journey of conquering the Vietnamese music industry


Representing the young generation of artists amidst the fast-paced “transformation” of worldwide music trends, DJ Lee Wu, also known by his real name Le Nhat Vu, is known to be one of the most popular young DJs and producers in Hanoi. Soon discovering has special passion for music alongside his aspiration to shine on big stages, Lee Wu chose to pursue this path of arts. Despite just “reaching” the field of music for not long, this young man soon proved his own music style and identity in each of his performances. Just after a short time, Lee Wu had a chance to meet and work with many illustrious artists like 911 band, DJ Marlo, Duc Phuc, Amee, Bich Phuong, etc. 

DJ Lee Wu

Stepping into the field with his natural qualities along with continuous learning efforts, Lee Wu has acquired lots of experience in his work, hence constantly obtaining new knowledge and innovating his music. Nevertheless, there have been numerous times Lee Wu felt like giving up due to the challenges of art and society's prejudices against being a DJ. Through self-encouragement and his own will to step up, this talented young DJ shared: “I learned to ignore the harsh words of society to concentrate on creating and bringing a distinctive timbre for my compositions. As they always say: “At first there is no path. But then there are people passing that way. And there is a path.” Therefore, I opt to exert myself and burn with passion, and only by that can I assert myself and assert the development of Vietnamese music.” 

DJ Lee Wu on the journey to pursue passion

DJ Lee Wu - the provider of luxurious timbres into multiple songs

Against the nonstop flow of music, Lee Wu is aware that he needs to make even more effort in creating new things to make an impression in the hearts of the audience. Upon sharing about is impressive remixes recently, Lee Wu said: “I travel a lot, I listen to a lot of music, and I always keep the most positive energy source for myself. I believe that only when I have healing energy can my melodies reach the public’s heart and become a remedy for them.” 


DJ Lee Wu and 911 band in their collaboration in 2023

That speciality along with his continuous creativity helped Lee Wu have a chance to accompany many famous artists, especially his opportunity to work with 911 - one of the most famous boy bands in Britain in the 90s. After the 4 songs I Do, Body Shakin’, Night To Remember and Party People, the song Friday Night remixed by Lee Wu as the main DJ really touched the hearts of the public when the melody started. Upon rating their working experience with Lee Wu, 911 did not hesitate to praise this talented young DJ: “He has an extremely standard and professional working manners. Lee Wu really brought a new color to our songs, both retaining its natural classic trait and expressing the modern luxury. With his talent, Lee Wu will surely go even further and faster in the future.” 


DJ Lee Wu and his cherished plans for the future

Amidst the strong “rejuvenation” of the Vietnamese music market, DJs in general and Lee Wu in particular have gradually asserted their uniqueness to the audience. With the motto “Music is the best language to convey the message of life to everyone. Enjoy it.”, the young DJ always tells himself to comprehensively develop his own skills, constantly acquiring new knowledge and creating to offer the most unique compositions. 

Upon sharing about his future plans, Lee Wu shared: “I will continue to release more musical products on platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Besides, I also wish to have an opportunity to feature a suitable artist to offer new songs and my own impressions to the audience.” 

With such a specific path, DJ Lee Wu will surely shine brighter on his journey of conquering his passion for music. Stay tuned with this talented young man to not miss any impressive twists of the field of DJ in particular and music in general!

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