The over 1-minute teaser of Miss Grand International 2023 took Isabella Menin - the reigning Miss Grand International - and the audience on a "voyage" through Vietnam. The teaser also showcase the breathtaking landscapes and majestic mountains from the North to the South. Therefore, viewers can easily spot famous landmarks and scenic spots featured in the teaser, such as the Golden Bridge, Ha Long Bay, Son Doong Cave, War Remnants Museum, and the court music of Hue - an intangible cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO and considered a proud cultural and artistic feature of Vietnam.

Hue ancient capital, a historical and cultural heritage of Vietnam.(Source: Miss Grand International)

Despite it being her first time in Vietnam, the beauty queen born in 1996 expressed her fondness for the country through heartfelt sentiments in the teaser clip: "Vietnam - a friendly, hospitable, and charming country, possessing numerous beautiful landscapes that attract tourists from all over. It showcases diversity and vibrant colors within its cultural backdrop". 

Isabella Menin gracefully wore the traditional Vietnamese "áo dài" dress, paired with a stylish conical hat - two iconic items representing the beauty of Vietnamese women. This is the first time Isabella Menin has visited Vietnam, and it is also a rare opportunity for the audience to admire the beauty of the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" as she showcases her charm in the gentle and elegant "áo dài" of Vietnamese women.

Miss Grand International 2022 in Ao Dai (Source: Miss Grand International)
Miss Grand International 2022 in Ao Dai (Source: Miss Grand International)

Miss Grand International is a beauty pageant franchise based in Thailand. It consists of the annual national pageant Miss Grand Thailand, as well as the international competition Miss Grand International, to which participating rights are licensed to organizers in other countries.

Isabella Novaes Menin is a Brazilian model and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Grand International 2022. She is the first Brazilian woman to win the Miss Grand International pageant.Along with that, the beauty from Brazil used three adjectives to describe Miss Grand International 2023: "Explosive, Monumental, and Strong Inspiration." As the reigning Miss Grand International, Isabella Menin sent greetings and called upon the audience to come to Vietnam and welcome the prestigious beauty pageant taking place in October. The teaser clip was filmed when Isabella Menin came to Vietnam for work in April.




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