She graduated from University with a degree in Computer Engineering and has a master's degree in Finance. However, many sources said that she did not have a master's degree, just graduated from the University. This makes many viewers skeptical about the level and honesty of Qin Zewen. Many people wonder, if a candidate who did not win any of the Miss World China 2021 awards, with such a conflicted background, became the representative of the country to participate in the international beauty arena. 
The Chinese representative was accused of being dishonest and lying about his education. 

Before the above doubts, the organizers of Miss World received feedback about Qin Zewen and will conduct an investigation and action, clear these doubts. The organizers of Miss World affirmed that there will be appropriate and correct handling plans if the beautiful Qin Zewen makes a mistake. 

She is the new representative of China to compete in Miss World 2023 after Miss Nguyen Nguyet was stripped of her title. 

Previously, the Chinese representative to participate in Miss World 2023 was Nguyen Nguyet - the beauty crowned Miss World China 2021. However, Nguyen Nguyet was stripped of this title by violating a series of violations. committed to "promoting world peace and setting an excellent example for women". The next representative chosen by China is Qin Zewen, but this beauty is also entangled in dishonest suspicions. 

The Miss World 2023 contest will be held in the UAE, bringing together beauty queens from all over the world. However, China's representation in this arena is still a controversial issue.

Image source: Internet.