Harnaaz Sandhu is an Indian model and beauty queen. She was crowned Miss Universe 2021 at Eilat Israel in December 2021. Becoming a beauty queen in one of the two biggest contests on the planet, Indian beauties are praised for their full talent when possessing a charming, sweet appearance and outstanding public speaking ability.

However, only after a month of coronation. Harnaaz began to receive objectionable comments about her appearance becoming chubby.

Recently, Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu continuously updated her new image on social networks. After the end of her term, the beauty has had more time to take care of herself and spend more time with her fans.

World beauty fans admire the beauty of Harnaaz Sandhu when a series of new photos have just expired. It is worth noting that her face as well as her body has become slimmer.

Radiant images of Indian beauty

During her tenure, the beauty had to go through many disparaging words about her appearance when she gained weight uncontrollably because of the side effects of drugs when treating Celia's disease. The beauty tried to squeeze in weight and exercise, but because of the tight schedule to complete the duties of a reigning Miss, she was unsuccessful.

Harnaaz Sandhu during her term of Miss Universe
Harnaaz Sandhu during his illness

During her time working as Miss, although she was despised for her appearance, she always kept a positive, optimistic and confident attitude in public. Looking back on that journey, the audience has always admired her and this is probably a wonderful and meaningful journey for her.


The latest activity of the beauty



In the near future, Harnaaz Sandhu will return to work as expected of her and the audience.


Image source: Internet