“A big bang” - Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW)

Being the world’s first fashion week for fashion training units only, Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW) is student-centered and will deepen and maximize the potential of all students majoring in fashion design. The fashion week lasts for 7 days, gathers 150 designers from 30 training units around the world. In addition, the fashion week also has the participation of 450 beauty queens and kings, 900 dancers and over 6000 guests. Global Student Fashion Week 2025 will definitely be an inspiring and eye-catching “big bang”, being one of the 10 most influential fashion weeks in the world. 


Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW) is the world's first fashion week exclusively for fashion training units, focusing on student designers.


GSFW Scholarship Fund - Enhancing students’ potential


The GSFW Scholarship Fund, aimed at supporting outstanding fashion students, recently awarded scholarships to three students from Hanoi Industrial Textile Garment University.


Global Student Fashion Week 2025 has officially launched the Scholarship Fund for students majoring in fashion with excellent achievements. Recently, GSFW has just awarded the Fund for 3 outstanding students of Hanoi Industrial Textile Garment University, namely Bui Thi Thuy - Class DHTT1 - K5, Nguyen Thao Van - Class DHTT1 - K5 and Vu Thi Cuc - Class DHTT1 - K7. In particular, the young designer Bui Thi Thuy impressed others with the “Sac” collection and designer Nguyen Thao Van was not inferior when her “Kham trai” collection received so much positive feedback. GSFW’s Scholarship Fund is considered a breakthrough activity that contributes to financial support and opens a wide door for promising young designers to have access to great opportunities on their path of career development. 


This fund provides financial aid and career opportunities for promising young designers.


A “second to none” opportunity for students to unleash their creativity 


Global Student Fashion Week 2025 is an ideal playground for students to try and work in a professional way on the most epic scale, this is also a chance for them to study and experience different jobs of the fashion industry. Besides, the launch of the GSFW’s Scholarship Fund is an encouragement for their efforts, a pad that helps young designers of Hanoi Industrial Textile Garment University in particular and other students in general pursue their passions and affirms their unique marks. This “second to none” chance not only helps students unleash their creativity with new breakthroughs but also contributes to the sustainable and prosperous development of both Vietnamese and global fashion industry. 


GSFW 2025 offers students a unique platform to showcase their creativity and gain professional experience in the fashion industry


The participation of Hanoi Industrial Textile Garment University promises to leave lots of marks in Global Student Fashion Week 2025. Don’t forget to follow the Global Student Fashion Week 2025 fanpage to continuously update the latest news!


Mr. Le Tran Dac Ngoc spoke at the scholarship award ceremony of Hanoi Industrial Textile Garment University.

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