Global Student Fashion Week - First ever fashion playground for students


Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW) is the first fashion week in the world designated specifically for fashion institutes, taking students as the center. With the mission of constructing a new era for the global fashion industry, the first season of Global Student Fashion Week in 2025 will take place in 7 days, gathering 150 designers from 30 fashion schools worldwide. In addition, the event will have the performance of 450 beauty kings and queens, 900 dancers, and the participation of over 6000 guests. Global Student Fashion Week 2025 promises to bring eye-catching and inspirational performances and stand among the top 10 most influential fashion weeks on the planet. 


Global Student Fashion Week (GSFW) is the first-ever fashion week dedicated to fashion institutes, focusing on students.


Not just stopping there, Global Student Fashion Week also brings a series of accompanying activities throughout 18 months: Press announcement conference of GSFW 2025 taking place at Hanoi Opera House and Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, competition for students of fashion institutes, the contest to choose the Miss of Misses - the Mister of Misters, GSFW’s School Tour, etc. Most notably, the accompanying project “999 Global Ambassadors” with the participation of beauty queens and kings and influencers around the world.


The "999 Global Ambassadors" project will involve beauty queens, kings, and influencers worldwide.


Miss International Laos 2023 - Aliya Inthavong and the outreach journey


With radiant beauty, intelligence and kindness, Miss International Laos 2023 - Aliya Inthavong is a typical representative of the dynamic, creative and enthusiastic young generation. Honored to become the Global Ambassador of Global Student Fashion Week 2025, Aliya Inthavong carries the mission of inspiring students who are passionate about fashion, while spreading the message about the importance of sustainable fashion and promoting cultural values ​​in fashion design.


Aliya Inthavong, Miss International Laos 2023, is the Global Ambassador for GSFW 2025. 


As the program’s Ambassador, Aliya Inthavong shared: “I will arrange time to participate in many activities of the program, to meet and interact with young designers. I also hope to make positive contributions to promotional activities to support the organizers in spreading the image and message of Global Student Fashion Week 2025 to the public.”


She aims to inspire fashion-passionate students, promote sustainable fashion, and highlight cultural values in fashion design. 


The first journey of Miss International Laos 2023 at GSFW


It is known that recently, during her visit to Vietnam, Miss International Laos 2023 - Aliya Inthavong participated in a promotional photo activity wearing a costume from Global Student Fashion Week. In the ao dai design inspired by Vietnamese student uniforms, bringing elegance and grace, the queen truly shines with her sweet and pure beauty. Not stopping there, along with the ao dai design there is also the appearance of exquisitely crafted diamond earrings from jewelry designer Trang Kim, named “Vu khuc Bach Lien” (Dance of the White Lotus), inspired by the white lotus flower - a symbol of nobility, purity and intense vitality. The earrings contribute to embellishing the beauty of the models, creating a perfect overall look. perfect and impressive.


During her visit to Vietnam, Aliya participated in a promotional photoshoot wearing a Vietnamese-inspired ao dai and diamond earrings by designer Trang Kim.


The presence of Miss International Laos 2023 - Aliya Inthavong as Global Ambassador promises to contribute to elevating the position of Global Student Fashion Week 2025. Join MGI Magazine in spreading this special fashion week’s noble message and mission, and at the same time supporting the inspirational journey of the Global Ambassadors!


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