Mary Quynh Anh - A shining gem of Vietnam’s Junior Modeling Industry


Possessing a delicate face, a radiant smile, and an air of self-assurance on the catwalk, Mary Quynh Anh has quickly captured the hearts of audiences nationwide. From a young age, she has displayed an ardent passion for fashion and always dreamed of strutting her stuff on the runway. With relentless dedication and the guidance of her family, Mary Quynh Anh has garnered the trust of numerous brands and designers, earning coveted spots in their campaigns. She has participated in various children's beauty and talent competitions, achieving remarkable success, including: Vietnam Junior Supermodel Global 2023, Honored Young Talent at Vietnam Young Art Awards 2023, and Talented MC at the Kid Talent Plus 2024 competition. Mary Quynh Anh is also a familiar face on catwalks and has appeared in many impressive fashion photoshoots, such as “Chep trong trang” (Gazing at the Moon), “Sap nhuom cham” (Indigo Dyeing), and “Chan con cong” (Peacock Blanket).


Mary Quynh Anh, with her delicate face, radiant smile, and confident demeanor, has quickly captured audiences' hearts. 


Mary Quynh Anh - New inspirational ambassador for designer Nhat Thuc


2024 marks a significant milestone for junior model Mary Quynh Anh as she is selected by designer Nhat Thuc to be the brand ambassador for his fashion label. In this role, Mary Quanh Anh will not only represent the brand but also serve as a bridge to convey Vietnamese cultural messages to the younger generation in a relatable and engaging manner. Mary Quỳnh Anh will participate in advertising campaigns and events for the Nhật Thực brand, helping to promote its image to a wider audience.


Passionate about fashion from a young age, she has earned spots in numerous brands' campaigns with relentless dedication and family support. 


Designer Nhat Thuc always pays close attention to selecting the faces that represent his creations. Each year, he conducts a meticulous selection process to find the most suitable individuals who can effectively convey the messages and values he holds dear. Sharing about this talented model, he stated: “Quynh Anh possesses an air of innocence and naturalness while exuding confidence and personality. I believe she will be an excellent ambassador to convey the messages and values of the Nhat Thuc brand to the public.” This can be considered one of Quynh Anh's major growth opportunities and a remarkable milestone in her junior modeling career.


Nhat Thuc chose her for her innocence, confidence, and personality, believing she will effectively convey the brand's values. 


Shining bright at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024


Taking center stage at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, Mary Quynh Anh, alongside five other prominent junior models, will assume the role of Brand Ambassadors and is slated to showcase in various prominent positions within collections from local and international designers. With her pristine beauty, radiant presence, and confident, captivating demeanor, Mary Quynh Anh is certain to leave a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts.


Mary Quynh Anh, along with other junior models, will serve as Brand Ambassadors, showcasing collections from local and international designers. 


Mary Quynh Anh's presence on the vibrant stage of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 will undoubtedly be a shining highlight in her own journey of brilliance and that of other junior models. With her talent, unwavering dedication, and fervent passion for fashion, Mary Quynh Anh is poised to become a highly promising “junior star” in the years to come. Let's follow Mary Quynh Anh's journey to witness her captivating and inspiring performances on Vietnam's catwalks!


Mary Quynh Anh is set to become a promising star in the modeling industry.


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