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Are you lacking confidence and want to improve your singing voice, sing karaoke as well as a singer, and confidently shine in every fun party with friends and colleagues? Do you find that your voice is limited in pitch and sound, and haven't found the right music? Are you afraid to go to a vocal music center because you're afraid of crowds, limited class schedules, and transportation difficulties? Don’t worry because MAYSING Music Tutoring System is the perfect solution for you!


Accompanying the journey of discovering potential and nurturing passion for music, guest lecturers Hong Anh and Minh Thuy from MAYSING Music Tutoring System provided a completely new experience to the academy’s talented students.


Coming to the MAYSING Music Tutoring System, you will have the opportunity to connect with a team of tutors 100% selected from leading art schools, ensuring teaching quality and progress for students. You will also save travel time, studying on a schedule that suits you, regardless of whether you are a student, an employee, or busy with business. With the personalized learning path from MAYSING, you will quickly improve your singing voice, sing in rhythm, choose the right music, and confidently shine in every party. In addition to vocal lessons, MAYSING also offers a variety of musical instrument courses to meet all your needs.


 MAYSING with tutors selected from leading art schools, ensuring high-quality teaching and student progress.


Realize your music potential with diverse courses

To meet every student's musical needs and interests, MAYSING Music Tutoring System offers a variety of courses from basic to advanced. 


MAYSING’s personalized learning path, you’ll quickly improve your singing voice, sing in rhythm, choose the right music, and shine at every party. 


With the “Basic Vocal” course, students will be trained to master the musical foundation and confidently sing in rhythm, use their breathing effectively to create a strong and inspiring voice, detect and correct errors in singing technique and sing at the correct pitch, sing clearly and clearly, conveying the full emotion of the song, explore and express emotions according to each genre of music (youth music, folk music, chamber music, etc.).


Basic Vocal Course - Master musical foundations, sing in rhythm, use breathing effectively, detect and correct singing errors, convey emotions through different music genres.


With the course “Learning your go-to songs”, students will be able to choose their favorite songs, creating excitement and motivation for learning. From there, we will work with the instructor to analyze the song, understand the content and emotions, and fully express the song. They can also improve pronunciation skills, word production, rhythm processing, and create a unique voice, as well as express the song’s emotions sincerely, moving the listeners.


Learning Your Go-To Songs - Choose favorite songs, analyze content and emotions, improve pronunciation, rhythm, and create a unique voice.


With the “Advanced Vocal” course, students will be oriented to a musical style that suits each individual's personality and interests. The center will support the review of vocal knowledge and skills to achieve high results in exams, as well as practice performance skills and shine confidently on stage.


Advanced Vocal Course - Develop a musical style matching your personality, review vocal knowledge for exams, practice performance skills.


In addition to vocal courses, MAYSING also offers courses on “Classical and Accompanying Piano & Guitar”. Students will master musical knowledge, understand song structure and how to combine musical instruments. Practice your finger movement skills on the piano, creating the foundation for proficient music playing. Learn to play many Vietnamese and foreign songs, in diverse genres. Improve your playing skills, create good backing tracks that are suitable for the song. With a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, MAYSING is committed to bringing you the most effective and enjoyable learning experience.


Conquer musical heights with MAYSING Music Tutoring System


MAYSING Music Tutoring System is proud to have a team of professional, dedicated, experienced and well-trained tutors from leading art schools such as Vietnam National Academy of Music, National University Of Art Education, Military University of Culture and Arts, etc. In addition, MAYSING also provides pianos, mic speakers and necessary tools for studying at home.


No matter the difficulty, MAYSING is committed to helping you significantly improve your vocal skills. 


With MAYSING, no matter what difficulty you encounter, MAYSING is committed to helping you improve your vocal skills significantly. Study at home on a flexible schedule, suitable for all subjects. Our team of professional consultants is always ready to answer all your questions.

Contact MAYSING today for a free consultation and start the journey to conquer your passion for music!

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