Mister Tourism Ghana finale - intense beauty arena


Returning on the scene after the spectacular success of Mister Tourism Ghana 2023, the contest is the meeting place for a series of the country's most famous handsome faces with healthy bodies, elegant style, confidence and outstanding talent, the effort to improve every day and the desire to contribute to the community, promise to find the most suitable factor to represent the country on the journey to conquer the noble title of Mister Tourism Africa International. Because, even though it is just a rookie in the community of men's pageants around the world, Mister Tourism Ghana has soon affirmed its position with noble meanings: promoting tourism, protecting the environment and culture. and towards the goal of sustainable development. At the same time, the contest also received the attention of male models in Ghana and the companionship of reputable brands and international partners, becoming one of the most explosive stages in Ghana this year.


Mister Tourism Ghana: An annual beauty contest that showcases exceptional male beauty and talent from around the world, with a mission to promote tourism, environmental protection, and cultural sustainability. 


Top 3 impressive faces of Mister Tourism Ghana 2024 are finally revealed 


Through a journey of fierce competition, overcoming other talented contestants, with extremely impressive performances, the three brightest candidates Richard Afful, Wisdom Senah and George Annor Darkoh have officially become the winners. owner of the most prestigious positions at this year's Mister Tourism Ghana.


Known for his striking looks and intelligence, Wisdom Senah excelled throughout the competition.


Wisdom Senah was the prestigious name for the highest position. Possessing outstanding physique and healthy beauty, elegant and confident demeanor and impressive catwalk ability, after each round of competition, he is always one of the contestants highly appreciated by the judges.


Richard Afful stands out with his outstanding physique, confidence, and exceptional catwalk skills.


After Wisdom Senah, Richard Afful is the next face to advance to the second position. Besides leaving a special mark in the hearts of the audience with his handsome appearance, along with impressive talent and intelligence, he performed excellently throughout the competition, affirming himself as a bright candidate for this title.


With a strong and charismatic presence, George Annor Darkoh earned the third spot, winning hearts with his confidence and engaging smile.


And the third position belonged to George Annor Darkoh - a handsome man with a solid, strong appearance and an attractive smile. In addition, with his confidence, bravery and talent, he conquered the audience's hearts and always became the center of attention every time he appeared.


With memorable experiences in their recent journey to conquer Mister Tourism Ghana, these three talented faces will certainly continue to develop and shine even more in their careers and contribute to promoting tourism. , economic development and poverty reduction for communities in the “Dark Continent”.


The future journey with the spirit of youth and dedication


Although the emotional and meaningful journey to conquer the Mister Tourism Ghana crown has officially ended, this will certainly be an unforgettable mark for Richard Afful in particular and all contestants in general on the path of self-discovery and self-development while bringing many humane and meaningful projects to the community in this country. Not only that, this is also Richard Afful's "golden ticket" - bringing the most suitable element to represent the country on the journey to conquer the noble title of Mister Tourism Africa International and contribute to making a further mark on the international beauty king arena, affirming the talent and poise of the boys from the “Pearl of the Dark Continent”.


These three winners are poised to further their careers and contribute significantly to tourism, economic development, and poverty reduction in Ghana and beyond, embodying the spirit of youth and dedication.

Chelsea | Cameron Truong