When the sounds of cicadas hidden in the leaves begin to chirp to welcome summer, it is also the time when the season of separation is signaled that it is near. “Chia Tay Khoa Cuoi”, like a beautiful thank you and goodbye, was organized to preserve many memories as well as show gratitude to the final course students of the National Economics University. After 14 seasons with so many emotions, the show has successfully brought back memories that resonate in the minds of many generations of final-year students. 


The return of Chia Tay Khoa Cuoi with the theme “Vong hoa ca” (Echo of a Symphony) 


Returning this year, inspired by the grand theater space imbued with the sound of youth, “Chia Tay Khoa Cuoi 2024: Vong Hoa Ca” gave attendees a ticket back in time to spend time together. Looking back at the beautiful moments under the roof of the National Economics University. This is the song of youth, lulling the listener with sounds that are both pure and sweet, but also exciting and crazy. When the last streaks of sound fell into the air, the four years of brilliant youth of the final-year students gradually ended and a new path was opened. Left behind here are all the magnificent sounds mixed with a bit of melodiousness of 4 years of youth stored in a beautiful youthful music box. At this moment, the program “Chia Tay Khoa Cuoi 2024” is like an “artist” playing music with enthusiasm, playing melodious melodies of colorful youth, for all participants, especially Especially final-year students, have the opportunity to immerse themselves in that wonderful symphony again...


Background realistically recreating the space of an opera house.


Kicking off an emotional evening, “Khoi am” (Initiation) is the time when attendees immerse themselves in gentle waiting activities such as tea breaks, taking am”, viewers will also be immersed in nostalgic and touching emotions when looking back at the beautiful moments of K62 on the big screen. 


The check-in activity attracted many students to participate before the program.
The program opened with the profound performance of “Xe dap” by the MEC Music Club.
The graceful and beautiful dance performance from MEC Music Club. 


The “Giao thanh” (Melody Intersection) minutes rang out proudly and was the moment to honor the faces of outstanding K62 students with excellent academic achievements and the most outstanding individuals in the work of the Association and the student movements.


A moment to honor NEU's elite K62 faces. 


The Festival's activities were full of excitement and excitement with the participation of the MEC Music Club and the Hall of Arts Drama Club. In particular, the presence of famous guest artists officially opened the final act of “Hoa khuc” (Symphony)! The music night took viewers on a journey into the sweet and inspiring sounds of “Om tron noi nho” (Embracing Nostalgia), “Nguoi em co do” (The Citadel Sweetheart), etc. by the "chameleon" of Hue RUM and then like “going on a rollercoaster” with the “screaming” beats of NEU's multi-talented DJ & Producer - DJ Pizuh. Amidst the pleasing sounds and eye-pleasing space, couples held hands and immersed themselves in the slow dance of the emotions rising in their hearts…


The young singer RUM contributed to the music night with a sweet voice. 
Immersed in the deep emotions with “Om tron noi nho”
DJ Pizuh's “dope” appearance stirred up the atmosphere
Attendees immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the music night 


Despite having ended, the echoes of “Chia Tay Khoa Cuoi 2024: Vong hoa ca” are still there. With beautiful melodies, “Vong Hoa Ca” soothed the troubled hearts of final-year students before the uncertain moment of adulthood. From now on, stepping out the new door, the lingering sounds from “Vong Hoa Ca” will surely become a fulcrum for tired “birds” to return to every time their knees get tired or they falter… 


K62 students completing the song of youth
The indispensable piece that contributes to K62's youthful concerto is the Foreign Affairs Department - VSA - NEU with its enthusiastic yellow color.