Dynamic playground with the presence of many renowned faces 


“Road to Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” with careful investment from the Organizing Committee team and the companionship of international magazine MGI Magazine has become a place to affirm courage and unique fashion style, express the unique personality and exquisite aesthetic taste of each model from different countries and regions around the world. The contest also contributed to spreading positive messages about an active lifestyle, encouraging the spirit of dedication and pursuing passion. Thereby creating an opportunity to connect with the community of fashion and beauty enthusiasts, expand relationships and create a solid foundation for the future.


Kirsten Dawn Delerio và Godfrey Nikolai Murillo (Philippines) - two most popular faces of “Road to Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024”

With the participation of contestants from countries around the world, “Road to Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” is not only a place to honor physical beauty but also a journey of self-discovery and mental training. will and bravery. This is an opportunity for you to break through your limits, confidently shine and assert your value on the international stage.


Welcoming the powerhouses


Just arriving at Tan Son Nhat airport, the two winning contestants of the “Road to Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” contest, Kirsten Dawn Delerio and Godfrey Nikolai Murillo, were warmly welcomed by representatives of MGI Magazine and the organizers. Stepping out of the airport lobby, two representatives visited the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau to participate in a grand welcome party organized by MGI Magazine.


Kirsten Dawn Delerio and Godfrey Nikolai Murillo from the Philippines smile brightly as they are warmly welcomed at Tan Son Nhat Airport, marking the beginning of their journey to conquer Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024.

The party took place in a vibrant and bustling atmosphere with the participation of guests, media representatives and sponsors. The two winning contestants were introduced and honored amid warm applause from everyone. With those initial successes, the organizers believe that with their talent, beauty and efforts, the two Philippine representatives will have a brilliant journey on the stage of “Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” and bring home glory for the country.


Kirsten Dawn Delerio and Godfrey Nikolai Murillo share their pride in representing the Philippines and their commitment to doing their best at Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024 during an interview.

Message from the two talents from the Philippines


In an interview about their first experiences before entering the most difficult race, two representatives from the Philippines shared: “We are very honored to represent the Philippines at Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024. This is truly a playground for us to spread our nation's special culture to international friends. We will do our best to present ourselves in the best way, bringing pride to this ‘land of a thousand islands’”.


Kirsten Dawn Delerio and Godfrey Nikolai Murillo receive warm support and attention from the organizers and fans, promising a successful and glorious journey for the Philippines.

With outstanding beauty, talent and unremitting efforts, beautiful Kirsten Dawn Delerio and handsome Godfrey Nikolai Murillo are expected to be bright “warriors” for the Philippines to reach the highest position at “Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024”. Let's join MGI Magazine in supporting these two representatives on their journey to conquer the international crown and affirm the position of Philippine beauty on the world beauty map!

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