Godfrey Nikolai Murillo and his inspirational story


Possessing a masculine, sturdy appearance and a sunny smile, Godfrey Nikolai Murillo has “captured the hearts” of audiences since the first days of his appearance. Through challenging rounds, he showed his bravery, intelligence and talent in many fields.


Godfrey Nikolai Murillo’s radiant smile captures the hearts of the audience as he exudes confidence and charm during the finale of Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024.

On the final night stage, the Filipino male god always shines with his confident and attractive demeanor. Each of his performances brings to the audience different levels of emotions, from vibrant and explosive to sad and calm. Not stopping there, Godfrey Nikolai Murillo received a “rain” of compliments from the judges and the audience with his impressive performance and professional catwalk skills. More than just a “Prince Charming” with outstanding appearance, Godfrey Nikolai Murillo is also an inspirational example for young people because of his efforts, preserverance and optimism in his journey to conquer Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024.


Godfrey Nikolai Murillo impresses the judges with his professional catwalk skills and charismatic performance, earning widespread admiration.

Godfrey Nikolai Murillo conquering “Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” with his masculine beauty and impressive talent


On the stage of “Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024”, Godfrey Nikolai Murillo excellently showcased his abilities and was called up for the top 2. This not only is a proof for his masculine and muscular beauty but also a recognition for his talent and unremitting efforts. 


Godfrey Nikolai Murillo from the Philippines proudly poses on the stage after being announced as the 1st Runner-up at Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024, showcasing his impressive achievement.

Godfrey Nikolai Murillo’s conquest of the crown hasn’t been an easy one. Overcoming challenging competitions, he constantly acquired his own skillset. Each day, he spends hours practicing, training his catwalk, makeup and interview skills. With his determination and eager-to-learn spirit, Godfrey Nikolai Murillo step-by-step conquered the arduous challenges and convincingly achieved victory.


Journey of conquering other beauty arenas in the future


Godfrey Nikolai Murillo celebrates his success as 1st Runner-up, marking the beginning of a promising journey in the world of beauty and fitness pageants.

Godfrey Nikolai Murillo’s victory at “Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” is just the beginning for his journey of conquering more beauty arenas in the future. With his talent, beauty and courage, Godfrey Nikolai Murillo is expected to reap even more successes and become the Philippines’ pride. Let’s join MGI Magazine to congratulate Godfrey Nikolai Murillo and expect he’ll continue to shine brighter on other beauty stages in the future! 

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