Kirsten Dawn Delerio and the conquest of the crown owner


Possessing sweet, elegant beauty along with confident and bright demeanor, Kirsten Dawn Delerio has “throbbed” the fans’ right from her first appearance. Overcoming challenging competitions, this girl never stops improving herself, showcasing her courage, intelligence and talent in many disciplines.


Kirsten Dawn Delerio from the Philippines proudly poses with her crown after winning Miss Fitness Supermodel World 2024, captivating the audience with her elegance and charm.

In the finale, Kirsten Dawn Delerio exploded on the stage with an impressive performance. Her skilful catwalk skills along with impressive fashion style received a “rain” of compliments from the jury and the audience. Each of her steps embraces her confidence, courage and radiant beauty. On the special stage, the Filipino was like a flower blossoming and conquering everyone’s heart. 


The Filipino sharing the secrets to impress the judges 


Kirsten Dawn Delerio’s radiant smile and sweet, elegant beauty mesmerize the audience as she gracefully walks the runway at Miss Fitness Supermodel World 2024.

Shining on the stage of “Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024”, Filipino beauty Kirsten Dawn Delerio “caused a fever” in the online community with her radiant beauty, confident charisma and professional catwalk style. Asked about the secrets to "scoring" on this special playground, she shared: “To conquer the hearts of the judges and the audience, I always prioritize being myself and expressing myself. own unique identity. Among representatives from different countries, instead of trying to transform myself into someone else, I conquered this position with effort and effort in each competition. I believe that as long as we do our best, people will recognize and appreciate that journey.”


Kirsten Dawn Delerio shines on stage during the finale, showcasing her confident demeanor and impressive catwalk skills that won her the prestigious title.

With her sincere and meaningful sharing, Kirsten Dawn Delerio will certainly inspire many people. With radiant beauty, confident charisma and valuable “scoring” secrets, this Filipino beauty will continue to achieve more success in the future.


Promising future plans of the talented model 


Kirsten Dawn Delerio celebrates her victory, marking the beginning of a promising journey in the world of beauty and fitness pageants, with many more successes anticipated in her future.

Kirsten Dawn Delerio's journey at “Miss & Mister Fitness Supermodel World 2024” is a testament to her tireless efforts and spirit of dedication. Surely, with outstanding talent and beauty, Kirsten Dawn Delerio will continue to achieve more success in the future. Please join MGI Magazine in congratulating Kirsten Dawn Delerio and continue following this talented girl's journey to conquer prestigious awards!

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