Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024: Shaping future Vietnamese fashion trends 


Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 is a prestigious professional playground for the fashion industry in Vietnam, where talented designers have the opportunity to showcase unique creations and young models shine on the catwalk. Organized by ALL STAR ENTERTAINMENT under the leadership of Producer: Beauty Queen - Designer Kim Phung, Prince Charming Dang Khoa, Chief Director Nguyen Minh Cao, and Catwalk Director Ta Nguyen Phuc, Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 will take place at 6:30 PM on June 8, 2024, at the Phu My Hung Sales Gallery. With a theme inspired by the future, utilizing the main tones of blue & silver, the program promises to bring a fresh, breakthrough, and inspiring fashion picture.


The stage is set for Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 at Phu My Hung Sales Gallery, promising a night of fashion brilliance with themes of blue and silver.

Vietnamese cultural imprint in an artistic fashion space 


Attending Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024, guests will have the opportunity to admire unique collections from renowned designers and brands, evoking various levels of visual artistic emotions. Immerse yourself in the modern-themed stage with dominant shades of blue and silver, promising a breakthrough for the fashion scene. Explore new directions, styles, and perspectives on fashion through the lens of talented designers.


The designers participating in the Vietnam Future Fashion Show

With the participation of 6 designers Nguyen Kim Phung (Elysia Couture), Ta Nguyen Phuc, Dang Thien Thu (Lacharme), Huynh Huu Tai, Phuoc Dio (Diorion), and Dexnol & Tuan Huynh, the organizers aim to contribute to innovation in the direction, style, and perception of fashion in the future.


High-quality models take to the catwalk, shining a spotlight on Vietnam’s emerging fashion talent and innovative designs.

Additionally, the program also gathers a lineup of famous celebrities such as Miss Universe Vietnam Ngoc Chau; Miss Universe Top 5 Lydie-Vu; Miss Universe Top 5 Pham Thu; singer Do Tung Lam; The Next Face champion Stephen Nguyen; International Prince Ngoc Tinh; supermodel Hung Pham; Miss Fitness Model Ha My; Miss Global Vietnam Hong Trang; actor - supermodel Nhicolai Dinh; Mister Hanoi Nong Thanh Tung; The Next Face Top 5 Kieu Diem; Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 Top 10 Kieu Hang; supermodel Duc Hieu; supermodel Tuong Khoa; actor Hai Trieu, etc. Accompanying the program are sponsors like Aimée Spa, Volkswagen, Phu My Hung, Myvita, Hoang Long, etc.


The groundbreaking step of the Vietnamese fashion industry in 2024


Accompanying the program are renowned brand sponsors Aimeé Spa - Clinic - Salon, Volkswagen, Myvita, Hoang Long Media Service JSC, Phu My Hung, and others.

With thorough investment, grand scale, and the presence of a professional team, Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 promises to be an explosive fashion event, leaving a strong mark on the audience. The organizers hope that VIETNAM FUTURE FASHION SHOW will be held regularly every year to create a prestigious professional playground for the fashion industry at home and abroad.


Let's come together to Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 to experience an internationally renowned fashion night and join hands to affirm Vietnam's fashion position on the international map!

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