Hidden Champions: Connecting and Inspiring Exceptional Leaders


MC Huyen Chau

Hidden Champions is a talk show series that delves into the stories of exceptional yet often overlooked businesses and individuals who have quietly built and achieved success in diverse fields. Hosted by Huyen Chau Nguyen and produced by the professional LUXUO team, Hidden Champions is specifically designed for those aspiring to build their “personal brand” on digital platforms. Beyond success stories, Hidden Champions gain practical knowledge and actionable strategies from the experiences of remarkable entrepreneurs and individuals. Discover the stories that drive these hidden champions to achieve extraordinary feats, igniting your motivation. Elevate your “personal brand” and enhance your online presence through the program's reach and recognition. Hidden Champions is a celebration of unsung “heroes” who are quietly contributing to the advancement of society and the economy. Join the program and be inspired by their journeys of resilience, innovation, and impact.


After leaving VTV, MC Huyen Chau hosted a talkshow about hidden stories of celebrities and success

Embark on a journey of inspiration with Hidden Champions


Hidden Champions invites you to share your valuable experiences, inspiring stories, and practical lessons with the business community. Your success stories will not only shape your “personal brand” but also spread motivation and inspiration to those around you. The program will feature participation from numerous top CEOs and entrepreneurs. Join Hidden Champions to contribute to the collective knowledge and growth of the business community by sharing your unique perspectives and experiences. Your stories have the power to ignite passion, drive, and a desire to achieve success in others. Forge meaningful connections with fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, and potential partners. Elevate your “personal brand” and gain recognition as an industry expert and thought leader. Amplify your reach and influence through the program’s extensive media coverage.


Huyen Chau talking with businessman Hoang Nam Tien

Hidden Champions is a platform for personal and professional growth where you can share your knowledge, inspire others, and build a strong personal brand that will propel you forward in your career.


Hidden Champions - A journey to success and brand building


Hidden Champions is a platform designed to empower CEOs and entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on their personal branding journeys. The program goes beyond showcasing success stories, delving into the strategies, challenges, and valuable lessons that have shaped these remarkable individuals. With its meaningful objectives, Hidden Champions serves as an ideal platform for CEOs and entrepreneurs can showcase their expertise, leadership qualities, and unique approaches to business success. They can articulate their vision for the future and inspire others to pursue their aspirations. Their insights and experiences can contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the Vietnamese business community. Each episode of Hidden Champions promises viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, strategies, and triumphs that have shaped each guest's success story. Valuable lessons and actionable insights will be shared to empower viewers on their journeys to success.


MC Huyen Chau and Shark Minh Beta - the entrepreneur comfortably sharing his journey to success

Join MGI Magazine as we follow and support the Hidden Champions program to be a part of the program as it celebrates the achievements, and contributions of exceptional individuals, and spreads the positive values and inspiration that Hidden Champions promotes within the business community.