Global Vietnamese Voice 2023 ended with huge success. 

Global Vietnamese Voice: Explosive stage for promising voices


Global Vietnamese Voice 2024 is a playground in the search of the best Vietnamese singers worldwide. The competition receives application from people aged at least 16, regardless of being professional or non-professional, including anyone who has a singing talent and is passionate about singing. Besides looking for potential future professional singers, the competition is also a place for singing lovers to exchange, learn and shine on the stage in their very own way. 


Emotional music journey on the stage of Global Vietnamese Voice

Where emotions sublimate with sweet melodies


According to the organizers, to Vietnamese living overseas, Global Vietnamese Voice 2024 is a place for them to live with their singing passion, both showcasing their talent, honoring and preserving values imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity, connecting love and tracing back to their roots. To those living in Vietnam, this is a competition where the contestants can exchange and showcase their talent, while also being an occasion for these voices to find themselves an opportunity to stand on a big stage and develop themselves professionally. 


Thuy Vu - Winner of Global Vietnamese Voice 2023 along with Head of Organizing Committee Henry Nguyen 

On the stage of Global Vietnamese Voice season 2, contestants will have a chance to showcase their musical talent and personality through three music styles, i.e. light music, folk music, or bolero. With these three genres, Global Vietnamese Voice season 2 promises to bring the audience colorful and impressive musical performances. Each contestant is allowed to choose the best-suited genre for themself to shine on the stage and conquer their music dream.

Global Vietnamese Voice season 2 will take place in Vietnam and Europe 

The judging panel of Global Vietnamese Voice 2024 will be prestigious singers and professionals, who are not only highly esteemed in the music industry but are also highly experienced in assessing national-level singing contests like singers Siu Black, Bang Kieu, Quang Le, Trang Nhung, Ho Quang 8, journalist Ngo Ba Luc, Head of Organizing Committee Henry Nguyen, musician Nguyen Minh Cuong, and Tony Thuy Vu - Winner of Global Vietnamese Voice 2023. 

The music “fever” returns with explosive voices

In this second season, the Organizing Committee continues to host the competition in Vietnam and Europe, which has a lot of Vietnamese inhabitants as well as a vibrant singing movement. Owing to this, Vietnamese across the world have an equal chance of participating in the competition. Currently, the first applicants from Europe has signed in from countries like France, Germany, etc. 

Start your conquest at Global Vietnamese Voice season 2 

Global Vietnamese Voice 2024 is open for registration from April to June 2024. The preliminary and semi-finals are planned to take place in August 2024. The finale gala will take place in September 2024 in Berlin, Germany and in December 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Are you a music enthusiast who wishes to shine on an international stage? Join Global Vietnamese Voice 2024 now, where young music talents are cultivated and opportunities to shine are provided globally!

Contact the Organizing Committee of Global Vietnamese Voice 2024 now to sign up:

  • In Vietnam: Mr Henry Nguyen (Head of Organizing Committee) - 0985962962
  • In Europe: Mrs Lien Pham - 017657992233

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