Tracy Truc Anh - Child star shining on the stage of Vietnam Fashion Tour

Besides the return of renowned “child stars” like Suri Tue Nhi or Ruby Bao My, the catwalk of Vietnam Fashion Tour was illuminated with the presence of the promising “golden seed” Tracy Truc Anh. With a burning passion and natural gifts vested in her, on this very special stage, Truc Anh confidently strided with an exquisite demeanor, professional and mesmerizing catwalk steps. Each outfit put on her is as if having its own soul, shining bright under the glittering lights. Tracy’s impressive performance conquered the audience’s hearts and has received countless compliments from the professionals. 

Model kid Tracy Truc Anh
Tracy Truc Anh shining under the spotlight, captivating the audience with her mesmerizing performance

After shining on that polychromatic stage, Tracy Truc Anh shared: “When I accepted the invitation from Mr. Ngoc, I was both happy and worried, because Vietnam Fashion Tour was a chance for me to experience a professional simulating international stage, but it was also my first time trying it. I feel blessed that everyone supported and loved my performance, and I will continue to train harder to complete myself and become an excellent representative of the young generation of Vietnamese models.”

Tracy Truc Anh’s confident strides on the prestigious runway 

The promising representative of Vietnamese model kids, leaving a lasting impression on the audience at Vietnam Fashion Tour
The girl receiving praise and admiration from fashion professionals for her outstanding performance

Soon exposing her interest by watching shows about modeling and fashion, Tracy Truc Anh was facilitated by her family to take part in professional model kid training courses. Selecting Vietnam Star Academy right from her first days entering the field of arts, Truc Anh was methodically trained in catwalk skills, performing skills, how to pose to the camera as well as foundation knowledge about fashion. Despite the heavy knowledge, this 4-year-old model is always eager to learn, train and constantly perfect herself. With her natural gifts, perseverance and strong passion, Tracy Truc Anh quickly asserted herself, leaving profound impressions after confident poses on the catwalk.

Tracy Truc Anh - Promising representative for Vietnamese model kids 

Tracy Truc Anh shining under the spotlight, captivating the audience with her mesmerizing performance

Answering in an interview about Tracy Truc Anh, a representative of Vietnam Star Academy shared: “There are too many praising words to rate Truc Anh and I think her impressive performance at Vietnam Fashion Tour is the most evident proof for her talent and potential. With such a strong foundation, Tracy will continue to shine and reap more success on this promising artistic path.”

Stay tuned and support the “little flower” Truc Anh on her journey to conquer her dreams and reach new heights in the Vietnamese fashion industry!

Karlfya | Cameron Truong