Suri Tue Nhi - “the bright sunshine” on the stage of children’s fashion


Soon nurturing an interest for stages and a passion for performing, Suri Tue Nhi has received support from her mom since her first steps on this journey. From a shy, unconfident girl on the stage, Tue Nhi relentlessly trained everyday, not stepping back from new and interesting things, and she quickly mastered the stage, comfortably showcasing her confident steps and “model-like” demeanor. The model kid from Nghe An has been entrusted by many brands and designers with performing opportunities like being a vedette at ARF - Malaysia, vedette at Metro Ball Fashion Show, vedette at Citadel Quintessence, performing for Alicio Thailand, performing at Bangkok Kids International Fashion Week 2023, vedette at the Announcement Ceremony of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, etc. She has also “equipped” herself with admirable awards, especially Asia Junior Model Award, and International Kid Star Award - “Dedication” category, etc.


Model kid Suri Tue Nhi in the behind-the-scenes photoshoot at Vietnam Fashion Tour.
The impressive confidence on the stage mimicking the international runway

Phung Nguyen My Kim - promising “leggy” of the Vietnamese modeling industry


Representing the young generation of Vietnamese models amidst the strong “transformation” of fashion, Phung Nguyen My Kim is one of the most highly appreciated names of the Vietnamese modeling industry. Owning powerful catwalk steps along with a confident, “high-fashion” demeanor, this Hanoian beauty always leaves profound impressions to the professional and public in every appearance. On her way to conquer her dream, My Kim has appeared on high-caliber fashion runways like Vietnam International Junior Model, Kids Model Vietnam, the announcement ceremony of Voyage Group projects in 2023, Announcement Ceremony of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, etc. Her confident posing on the runway has brought the name Phung Nguyen My Kim closer to the fashion-loving public and she promises to shine even brighter in the future.


Model kid Phung Nguyen My Kim exudes captivating beauty
The confident strut on the runway at Vietnam Fashion Tour

Ruby Bao My - the “pearly girl” from Thai Nguyen shining on high-caliber stages 


Nurturing her passion for performing from the glamorous stages through her TV screen, Ruby Bao My opted to pursue this promising artistic path. Despite being only 6 years old, the model kid from the “Land of the Best Tea” Thai Nguyen has soon revealed her outstanding gifts when participating in training classes. Blending into her love for beauty, her efforts helped Bao My matured each day. From quite a shy girl when stepping on the big stage, now Ruby Bao My is confident to showcase her personal identity and professionally pose on high-caliber stages. Answering an interview about this journey, the little model shared: “I want to be like my older colleagues, confidently putting on myself various outfits and fully convey the “emotions” that the designer sent into the collection.” Overcoming many difficulties, with her relentless efforts, “the pearly girl” Bao My has continuously “scored points” to the public, quickly becoming an outstanding model kid entrusted by many designers with an opportunity to perform. 


Vietnam Fashion Tour - a tour simulating the international standard fashion show process down to the smallest details
Ruby Bao My - "The shining gem" from Thai Nguyen dazzles on the prestigious stage

With the meticulous investment from the Organizing Committee, these model kids in unique designs will not only satisfy their own modeling dream but also get a try on a professional stage, laying a strong foundation to confidently step into the international fashion world. Continue to stay tuned and accompany Vietnam Fashion Tour to not miss any information of this intriguing fashion gathering!

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