The hairstyle that creates a "quiet luxury" aura that frenzied social networks


"Quiet luxury" hairstyle

“Quiet Luxury” is known as a fashion trend and lifestyle imbued with sophistication and elegance through clothing, accessories and hairstyles. Hair is regarded as not only a part of the body, but also a symbol of beauty, expressing each person's temperament and uniqueness. That's why, as soon as it first appeared, the "quiet luxury" hairstyle received attention from beauties worldwide. Bob, light gentle wavy hair, braids or classic but delicate ponytails has been promoted by famous figures like Jennie (BlackPink), Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez when they appear on grand red carpets.


Secret to the Audrey Hepburn luxurious hairstyle

Audrey Hepburn luxurious hairstyle

Audrey Hepburn is known as an ever-lasting beauty monument, despite the constant movement of life. She is always an inspiration in regards to elegant and luxurious styles. In the secret to creating her beauty, simple hairstyles that still exude luxurious and sophisticated beauty are indispensable. One thing we can take from Audrey Hepburn is how to create chic hairstyles like the High Bun to help accentuate sophistication and create a sense of elegance, or the Chignon style that represents classic beauty and elegance. In addition, we can also refer to bob and pixie hair - a short hairstyle that helps her exude a youthful and dynamic beauty. A secret to having beautiful hair like Audrey Hepburn, in addition to taking good care of her hair, is that she often uses hair accessories to help her face become more harmonious.


How to make the trendy bun of Ballerina artists

The trendy bun of Ballerina artists

Inspired by girls wearing ballet shoes on stage, now Ballerina hairstyle - a classic hairstyle has become a trend enthusiastically promoted by "It-girls". Whether on the red carpet or in people's daily lives, this hairstyle is still a perfect choice for girls who love minimalism but still maintain luxurious beauty and highlight facial features. One advantage of this Ballerina hairstyle is that the styling is extremely simple, quick and suitable for many types of outfits.

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