"Strawberry girl makeup" makeup style - "Strawberry girl makeup" 

Strawberry girl makeup (Photo: Internet)

Since its appearance, "Strawberry girl makeup" has not only been popular in the West, but is also a makeup trend that has quickly caught on among Asian girls. response. “Strawberry girl makeup” is a makeup trend brought by model Hailey Bieber in her tutorial video on Tiktok. Not requiring complicated techniques but being highly applicable, this style makes girls always shine with healthy skin, glossy lips and rosy cheeks. With the synchronization of pink tones of eyes, cheeks and lips, "Strawberry girl makeup" always brings a light, fresh and natural feeling to girls.

Blushing cheeks makeup - "Igari makeup"

Igari makeup (Photo: Instagram @jinpic.kr)

The "Igari Makeup" created by well-known Japanese makeup artist Igari Shinobu was once “rule the roost” in 2018. With the rise of minimalist beauty trends, this makeup style has recently become popular. This easily applicable makeup is suitable for most facial shapes and skin tones. By focusing mainly on the eyes and cheeks, especially how to spread the cheeks from the left cheek through the bridge of the nose to the right cheek brings pure beauty to girls, gentle and soft. There are many similarities with "Strawberry Girl" makeup, but Igari makeup provides more clarity and purity.

Douyin style makeup

Douyin style makeup (Photo: Internet)

Douyin makeup is a makeup style originating from Chinese Tiktokers, which is not only popular among young people in China, but also loved by a host of beauty enthusiasts around the world. With a transparent background, charming big eyes, plump lips, and a small and straight nose bridge, Douyin's makeup can vary in numerous styles - from innocence to seductiveness, from lady to dynamic, suitable for many beauty objects around the world.

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