Estée Lauder - America's leading cosmetic brand 

Estée Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the top rank cosmetic brands in the United States, a pioneer in the international beauty field, founded in 1946 by Estee Lauder - the woman who started her own beauty products. Estee Lauder is not only famous for its high-end, modern and versatile cosmetic product lines, but also for its famous sub-brands such as Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown, La Mer... During the development process, Estee Lauder is constantly bringing users excellent products such as serum, lipstick, and sunscreen. With a modern, youthful and dynamic design, Estee Lauder is also a powerful "weapon" that gives you confidence and style.

L'Oreal - the most diverse and popular cosmetics brand


L'Oreal is one of the largest and most favored cosmetics brands in the world, founded in 1909 by Eugene Schuler, who invented the first hair dye. L'Oreal is not only known for its safe product lines and reasonable prices, but also for well-known sub-brands such as Maybelline, Lancome, Kiel, and Yves Saint Laurent. Many users come to L'Oreal because of its quality, diversity, comfort, and cost savings. On the commercial floor, L'Oreal has a number of remarkable products, such as hair dye, lotion, foundation make-up,... 

Shiseido - Japan's top-ranking cosmetics brand


Shiseido is one of Japan's top cosmetics brands, founded in 1872 by the chief pharmacist of the Royal Japanese Navy, Fukuhara Arinob. Shiseido is not only famous for its high-quality and effective skin care products, but also for its elegant and exquisite cosmetics and perfume series, from lipstick, powder blusher, concealer to hair care products. Shiseido always combines science and art, providing customers with Japanese style products to meet all needs and interests.

Nivea - long-standing and popular cosmetic brand


Nivea is one of the world's oldest and most popular skin care brands, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Nivea was founded in 1911 by Oscar Troplowitz - a German businessman. He invented Nivea lotion, the brand's first product, with a formula based on Eucerit, an emollient. Nivea currently has thousands of products in the areas of skin care, hair care, makeup and personal care. Not only does it bring consumers high-quality beauty products, this brand also brings them comfort, peace of mind and closeness.

Watsons - Cosmetic brand from Hong Kong 


Watsons is one of the famous cosmetic brands from Hong Kong, founded in 1841 by James Watson - an English merchant. Watsons is not only famous for its cheap and quality health and beauty care product lines, but also for its diverse and rich skin care, makeup and hair care product lines, from facial cleansers , lotion, lipstick, foundation to hair care products. Watsons always updates the latest beauty trends and brings customers products with Hong Kong style and suitable for all skin and hair types.

Here is some information about world-renowned cosmetic brands today. Hopefully, the information provided by MGI Magazine will help you become more beautiful and confident every day. Let’s find and choose products that are suitable for your skin, preferences and purpose!

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