Nguyen Duc Phong Thien - The handsome boy with a glowing halo


With his parents respecting and supporting his passion for art and always being by his side to create the best possible conditions for his son to develop his art at an early age, talented child Phong Thien became a seasoned photo model at the age of 5. Gradually, thanks to his talent, personality and handsome face, Phong Thien was entrusted by designers. In 2021, Phong Thien was suddenly invited to play the son of famous singer Ngoc Son in a new music product. Despite his experience, this child still cannot avoid the pressure, but after the dedicated guidance of the divo, Phong Thien quickly performed his role well and received a rain of compliments from Ngoc Son.


Nguyen Duc Phong Thien, with the support of his parents, began his modeling career at age 5.


After his success in that role, in August 2022 Phong Thien was named in the list of child models with designer Dac Ngoc at Thailand Fashion Week and Luxury Week 2022, Vietnam International Fashion Week 2022. The halo is even brighter with the shocking event at the end of 2022, Phong Thien successfully passed 200 contestants in the preliminary round, and became a contestant in the program “So You Think You Can Model 2022”, a contest to find promising talents in the field of fashion and modeling. Throughout 4 months of training, the child supermodel excellently demonstrated his professional talent and confidently strode on the runway, boldly in front of the camera, and the strict requirements of the program through many fields like modeling, MC, acting, dancing, etc. In the final stage, Phong Thien was extremely talented, surpassing 35 contestants to become the champion of the “So You Think You Can Model 2022” contest and receive extremely worthy rewards, leaving the guy with a memorable journey.


His talent, personality, and good looks quickly earned him recognition. 


With unremitting efforts and diligently cultivating skills to become a professional model, striding confidently on many stages, this potential face also tries to learn and appear in many roles. like acting in music videos, singing, being a new movie face and becoming an MC for many children’s programs. Those rewards, results, and efforts became a motivating stepping stone for child supermodel Phong Thien to advance further on his artistic path. Most notably, Phong Thien will soon participate in the monumental event Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024 as a performance model.


 His continuous efforts have positioned him as a rising star, and he will participate in the Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024.


My Kim - Professional “little muse”, attractive through every second


“The little flower” Phung Nguyen My Kim from Hanoi is a name that is no longer unfamiliar to the Vietnamese fashion industry. When she first started her career, My Kim was still shy and timid in front of the camera, not yet adapted to the stage environment. But the more she worked later, the more she became bolder, more confident, braver and progressive, trying to learn and grow more day by day.


Phung Nguyen My Kim from Hanoi overcame early shyness to become a prominent child model. 


Possessing long, slender legs, a beautiful, cute face, balanced appearance, attractive charisma, professional and serious working style, My Kim has been entrusted by many brands and designers to hold important positions at many famous fashion shows such as: Phieu Dieu Fashion Show, Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2023, TOP 5 performance at Gala and Awarding Ceremony of Vietnam Kids Model 2022, etc. Most recently, she has captivated the audience in a spectacular way and left many profound impressions with her excellent performance at Vietnam Fashion Tour, her confident and extremely professional steps, and her perfect appearance. Her face exudes charisma and sharp orange eyes, giving off a powerful, majestic flower girl with the style of a supermodel. In addition, this child muse also appeared on major catwalks such as: Voyage Group 2023 project announcement ceremony; Announcement Ceremony of Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, etc. In addition to catwalk talent, this little flower also has the ability to sing, dance and act, with a confident and powerful charisma on every catwalk, leaving many impressions on the fashion industry and the public.


Known for her confident presence and versatile talents in singing, dancing, and acting, My Kim leaves a lasting impression on the fashion industry.


Surely both of these child supermodels will shine even more brightly on their artistic path in the future. Don't forget to look forward to the confident and lovely images of two child models My Kim and Phong Thien at the upcoming Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week. With a majestic scale and the appearance of many beauties from many countries and the companionship of many brands, sponsors, fashion, cosmetics, and high-end jewelry brands, this promises to be one of the most famous fashion events in Asia.


Both Phong Thien and My Kim are set to shine at Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week 2024, which promises to be a major event in Asian fashion with participation from international models and high-end brands.

Dyn | Cameron Truong