"Quiet luxury" - how the rich "flex"


"Quiet luxury" - the combination of "quiet" - understated and "luxury" - opulence, is becoming the new trend favored by the upper class. It does not flaunt brand logos or expensive items, focusing on subtlety, sophistication hidden in every detail. Taking inspiration from the TV series "Succession", "quiet luxury" is expressed through a minimalist fashion style with muted, cool colors. Designs do not show off logos, emphasizing high-quality materials, meticulous tailoring and elegant silhouettes. This is how the upper class demonstrates class and refined taste. They do not chase fleeting trends, but value true worth and uniqueness in each outfit. More than just a fashion trend, "quiet luxury" is also a lifestyle philosophy, showing confidence and appreciation for one's own values. 


From noisy central homes to quiet but uniquely designed, private, and isolated houses


"Quiet luxury" - a statement of class in the new era


For the upper class, luxury goods are no longer excessively luxurious; rather than pursuing lavish opulence, they prefer simplicity in life. In an era of economic fluctuations, the wealthy choose to adapt, and "quiet luxury" is the fashion style that helps them demonstrate refined spending. Instead of flaunting wealth through logos, "quiet luxury" focuses on sophistication and elegance, helping them avoid disputes about dress style. Not only following this trend but many choose it to collect valuable, luxurious items and preserve them as status symbols. More than ostentation, choosing and following this fashion trend is the most subtle way for the upper class to affirm their status.


The "quite luxury" trend in apartment design at The Miyabi


Tips for entering the upper class


Entering the world of "quiet luxury" is not just putting on expensive outfits, but also demonstrating class through subtlety and refinement. Instead of chasing transient fashion, invest in high quality, unique designs with high functionality. A soft cashmere coat, a delicate leather bag, or high-end leather shoes are smart "investment" items to last for years. You don't need to follow any particular brand - by choosing a flattering design, your beauty will shine through naturally. Above all, maintain confidence, polish and calm demeanor in all situations to affirm your aura and bearing. 


"Quiet Luxury" - How the rich enjoy their life


"Quiet Luxury" is gradually becoming the new trend of the modern era. It is a style for those who value true worth, possess refined taste, and wish to express themselves uniquely. Wear "Quiet Luxury" ensembles to affirm your status and modern fashion position in society.

Larissa | Nencii