Mary Jane is always the perfect choice, helping you shine and be confident in every situation.


The birth of the “ageless” shoes 


Appearing since the 19th century, Mary Jane shoes are familiar as girls' shoes, worn to school by girls. With a closed-toe design, a rounded toe cap and a cross strap to secure the foot, the shoe shape is exactly like a large version of a toy doll shoe. Their highlight is the soft, smooth leather material that feels extremely comfortable when moving without causing foot pain. And, the truth is that the name Mary Jane is taken from a famous cartoon character in the comic strip Buster Brown, used by The Brown Shoe company to name these shoes. Around the early 1920s, the Mary Jane shoe line for adult women appeared, dominating the North American fashion market at that time. The time when shoes really took the throne and became famous across continents was many decades later, when global fashion houses such as Dior and Yves Saint Laurent launched Mary Jane shoes with variations of their own style. 


Artists favoring the “kindergarten” shoe style.


Making “kindergarten” outfits trendy again


For a long time, Mary Jane shoes have always been loved and used by people in everyday life, until the first half of 2023, when these shoes suddenly flared up again as a new trend. Fashion brands compete to design new and unique Mary Jane models. Still the same classic design but with additions, variations, harmoniously alternating between classic and modern, Mary Jane shoes are constantly put on the catwalk during fashion weeks, most coming from famous fashion brands such as Prada or Chanel. Not only that, artists are also extremely fond of these “kindergarten” shoes, as paparazzi constantly catch Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa or Olivia Rodrigo appearing with Mary Jane shoes. Since then, the Mary Jane wave has rolled in and become more popular than ever.


Fashion brands are now competing to design unique variations that blend classic and modern elements. 


Comfortably “showing off” with any style 


With high applicability, Mary Jane is the shoes that can help you transform into many styles no matter what age you are. Turning back to the 80s, where you wear a pair of block heels, or become a girly girl with a pair of flats mixed with white bow socks, and finally a pointy Mary Jane for the girls who like an attractive and bold look. In particular, these shoes are definitely an item not to be missed if you are a girl who loves the Preppy or Flapper style. Own a pair of Mary Jane now to become more stylish and trendy than ever, worry-free of your age. 


Pursue any style you want with Mary Jane.
Pursue any style you want with Mary Jane.


Mary Jane can be said to be the “easiest” shoes of all time for conquering everyone and every circumstance. Besides, the reason that makes many older individuals fall in love with these shoes is that it reminds them of their memories as little girls. 


Annie Nguyen | Cameron Truong