Lau Tsz Yee and the journey to the fashion stage


Being a representative for youths against the huge “wave” of development, Lau Tsz Yee Erika is no longer a strange name to the public in every appearance. She is reported to be a penultimate year student majoring in Finance at the University of Hong Kong, while also being the Chairman of Kowloon City Outstanding Students’ Association and APAC student representative for 100 Women in Finance. Not limiting herself within academic experiences, Lau Tsz Yee stepped outside her comfort zone to take her try on modeling, bringing the image of a talented and promising student.


From her early childhood years, Lau Tsz Yee nurtured the dream of strolling on fashion runways. However, just like many other models, she didn’t receive her family’s support on her pursuing this path. When her passions seem to have reduced to only sparks, the presence of Murine Tsui once again ignited the flame of enthusiasm in this young talent. Sharing about this important mentor, the Hong Kong beauty expressed: “Mrs. Tsui always reminds me that we only live once, and life would be so short if we accepted things that can’t make us happy. Thanks to her, I got more motivation and confidence to overcome all the prejudice and limitations, and finally, I truly succeeded when I got to shine on the big stage.”


Lau Tsz Yee and the journey to the fashion stage

With the heart burning with passion, Lau Tsz Yee was never afraid to pursue her dream. She eagerly searched for regional and international modeling contests to showcase her talent and obtain valuable experiences for herself. Under the dedicated mentorship of Murine Tsui at MT Modeling, Lau Tsz Yee is like a rough diamond being polished, shining brighter day by day. Her constant effort was deservingly paid off as she continuously got announced for many prestigious awards like Champion at Hong Kong International Culture and Art Fair 2023, Best Catwalk at Hong Kong Lunar New Year Fashion Fair 2024, etc.


Besides her burning passion for catwalking, Lau Tsz Yee also owns a delicate artistic soul. She is deeply in love with Chinese art and had the opportunity to “showcase” her artworks at prestigious exhibitions like the AsiaWorld–Expo and Taichung City Seaport Art Center in Taiwan.


The special mark of the Hong Kong beauty on high-caliber stages


Amidst the polychromatic space of the fashion industry, soon recognizing the importance of the harmonious combination between external and internal factors to create one’s personal identity, Lau Tsz Yee came to Mrs. Murine Tsui to seek advice and instructions. With her many years of experience and expertise in this field, Murine Tsui provided the Hong Kong beauty with crucial knowledge on hairstyle, makeup and clothing selection. From these valuable initial orientations, Lau Tsz Yee quickly shaped her own style, confidently leaving marks on high-caliber stages. 


Remembering her first steps on the stage, Lau Tsz Yee restlessly shared: “At first, I simply thought of catwalking as walking on the runway. However, after being instructed by Mrs. Murine, I realized that this is a complicated set of skills, requiring resilient training to harmoniously combine the movements of my shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. I used to feel like giving up because I struggled to do as required, but Mrs. Murine’s patience and encouragements gave me power to keep trying. Thanks to my relentless effort, I gradually became more confident and now I can conquer every runway in a professional manner.”


To Lau Tsz Yee, her first modeling competition was not only a memorable experience but also a strong stepping stone for her to go further on the journey to conquer her dreams. Sharing about this meaningful journey, Lau Tsz Yee expressed: “At that time, I had only met Mrs. Murine for a short time and only had two weeks to prepare for the competition. Despite time cutting close, thanks to her dedicated and considerate guidance, I obtained many necessary skills to confidently shine on the stage.” After the impressive posing on that high-caliber runway, Lau Tsz Yee has become a sensation on various forums, opening a new turning point in her career. 


Lau Tsz Yee has become a sensation on various forums

Overcoming difficulties in balancing between studying and pursuing the passions of a full-time student, with Mrs. Murine Tsui’s support and love, Lau Tsz Yee’s modeling skills get more completed each day, and now she’s confident and strong enough to pursue her dream.


The promising future of the model from the “Fragrant Harbor” 

With her love for fashion and perseverance, the moment that the girl from the “Fragrant Harbor” Lau Tsz Yee confidently strides on the runways of international fashion kingdoms like Paris, Bangkok or Tokyo in the future as already been promisingly drawn. Not just stopping there, Lau Tsz Yee wishes to bridge the gap between fashion markets, spread the unique style and creativity of Hong Kong to the world. Lau Tsz Yee also intends to host free fashion shows and catwalk courses for primary students, helping them build their confidence, obtain many skills and nurture their artistic dreams. To her, fame is not a destination, but rather a motivation for her to contribute to society.

The promising future of the model from the “Fragrant Harbor” 

On the path of conquering her artistic passion, Lau Tsz Yee clearly knows the hardships and challenges that every young person has to face. As a message to her audience, she stated: “Always stay strong and humber, and believe in yourself. Don’t let criticisms or judgments sway your determination. Remember, if someone is talking behind your back, you’re ahead of them.” 

Lau Tsz Yee is the living evidence for the power of passion, will, and benevolence. With her talent and enthusiasm, she promises to become an inspirational symbol for the young generation, contributing to making positive changes to fashion and society.

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