Khuc Minh Tue confidently strutted on the Vietnam Fashion Tour runway


Created with the purpose of providing real experiences of the professional fashion show process and creating opportunities for Vietnamese child models to learn from top fashion designers and shine in front of a large audience, Vietnam Fashion Tour quickly gained the attention of parents and talented youngsters. Following the appearances of famous "golden faces," Khuc Minh Tue was the next name to be mentioned. In the colorful space of fashion and art, Minh Tue successfully added her own unique color, garnering praise from industry professionals.


Khuc Minh Tue - The young model stirred up the atmosphere on the stage of Vietnam Fashion Tour with her professional modeling skills

Evaluating Minh Tue's impressive catwalk, a representative of Vietnam Star Academy shared: "With a charming appearance, a radiant face, and a polite and eager-to-learn attitude, Khuc Minh Tue is one of the outstanding students at Vietnam Star Academy. Having the opportunity to appear on the stage of Vietnam Fashion Tour, amidst the scrutiny of a strict professional team, Minh Tue's shining performance was unstoppable. She skilfully demonstrated confident modeling skills and impressive poses at the end of the runway. With these qualities, Khuc Minh Tue promises to achieve much success in her modeling career."

In the colorful space of fashion and art, Minh Tue successfully added her own unique color, garnering praise from industry professionals.
On her journey to become a professional model, Minh Tue has grabbed the attention of a wide range of audience with her pure beauty and passion for performing on stage.

Khuc Minh Tue - The "standard model" demeanor on many big stages


Minh Tue's dream of modeling was nurtured from the vibrant fashion stages on TV, where she always showed excitement and admiration watching models strut in eye-catching outfits. As this dream grew, she asked her mother for permission to attend a professional catwalk training class. In between classes, the little angel also had the opportunity to intern as a child model for some famous fashion brands.


Minh Tue relentless efforts, along with her family’s silent sacrifice, have contributed to her success at many prestigious fashion shows.

With relentless efforts, Khuc Minh Tue has now become one of the favored child model faces, often chosen as the vedette or first face at many prestigious fashion shows. Notably, she participated in the "Ngay Tho" show by the Children's Talent Center; performed in the collection inspired by Kim Hoang paintings in the "Where I Was Born" program; showcased at the announcement ceremony of the International Children's Fashion Week Vietnam 2024; presented the "Nhat Hat Suong Nghieng" collection - the Phieu Dieu show; and performed in the "Chuon Chuon Ot" collection - the Fluttering Flowers and Butterflies show by designer Nhat Thuc, etc.

With her talent, perseverance and strong passion for modeling and art, Khuc Minh Tue promises to become one of the brightest “stars” on fashion runways in the future.

The journey of sowing "golden seeds" and cultivating new colors


Sharing about her pursuit of passion, Khuc Minh Tue said: "I realize that becoming a professional model is not easy at all, from waking up early to manage study time to training, traveling, and makeup. Difficulties and fatigue sometimes make me want to give up, but with the encouragement of my family, I continue to stand up, mature, and confidently perform in front of larger audiences. After training sessions at Vietnam Star Academy and many major shows, I have learned how to handle situations, manage time, and control the stage during each appearance. In the future, I will strive harder to improve myself."

Let's continue to accompany and follow Khuc Minh Tue to not miss the special marks of this young muse on her journey to conquer the Vietnamese modeling industry!