Decoding the "bookworm makeup" style


Geek chic, or otherwise known as librarian-core, emerged in 1990, but the trend was considered eccentric and it was not until 2000 that Geek Chic style became widely popular and was included in pop culture in America. This change shows the appeal of Geek Chic - the beautiful blend of the classic and elegant features of bookish girls with the individuality and boundaries-breaking of intellectuals.


Geek Chic makeup style 


Classic but elegant style


The characteristic of this style is to immerse yourself in the beauty of knowledge and books, a delicate combination of classicism and unique trendy taste, a makeup style inspired by bookish girls who like bare face and no makeup. "Bookworm" girls appear with small freckles on rosy cheeks, neatly shaped eyebrows, natural lips and glowy, lively skin. In addition, the indispensable part to this look is the classic glasses.


Enhancing the beauty of knowledge


Enhancing the beauty of knowledge


"Seductive" bookworm girls


The name of this makeup style already shows everything it conveys, which is the beauty of knowledge, traditional but also extremely trendy. Bookish girls have transformed and come into contact with the outside world in the new era, without losing the existing knowledge core.


The charm of intellectual beauty


If you also own a pair of glasses, try doing Geek Chic makeup for once. The simplicity of the makeup steps and the beauty it conveys has made this trend persist over time and never lose its popularity.