Decoding the Balletcore makeup trend 


Makeup style follows the Balletcore trend. (Photo: Cindy Kimberly) 


Balletcore is a new makeup trend emerging among young people today. This trend is inspired by ballet dancers with their soft, gentle and artistic beauty. Balletcore is not only a makeup style, but also an expression of individuality, a way of showcasing sophistication, elegance and charm. 


Characteristics of the Balletcore makeup trend 


The Balletcore makeup trend emphasizes naturalness, gentleness and elegance. The main colors are usually soft pastel tones such as blush pink, beige, apricot brown,... Particularly, Balletcore often emphasizes deep eyes, natural rosy cheeks, and soft lips. This highlight creates a graceful, gentle, yet captivating beauty. 


Characteristics of the Balletcore makeup trend. (Photo: Isabel Lopez)


How to create Balletcore makeup look 


To create Balletcore makeup style, you need to focus on creating a thin, natural-looking foundation. Use light foundation and skin-colored powder to create a smooth foundation. For the eyes, choose soft, natural eyeshadow shades like blush pink or beige. 


Pair with mascara to add length to your lashes, creating wide, sparkling eyes. Choose natural pink blush for a fresh, rosy complexion. Finally, don’t forget a soft pink lipstick to complete your Balletcore makeup look. 


Balletcore makeup trend is popular with many girls. (Photo: @isabellrrose) 


The balletcore makeup trend gives you a gentle, natural and elegant beauty. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate sophistication, artistry and want to express themselves through makeup style. Moreover, this makeup trend helps boost your confidence in social interactions and allows you to express yourself in the best way. Join MGI Magazine on the journey to explore beauty trends in 2024! 


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