Heart Percent Dote On Mood Lip Pencil – A lip liner brand favored by many Korean beauty vloggers


Heart Percent Dote On Mood Lip Pencil has been a favore lip liner among Korean makeup artists for many years. With the diversity in colors and its adaptability to trend-catching, the brand has released up to 11 different lipstick colors so far, suitable for many types of customers. With a meticulously designed round point and a not too soft charcoal material, Heart Percent has brought sharp and precise lip lines.


A top-notch lip liner of 2023


Heart Percent used in the makeup layout of Lisa (Blackpink) 

Romand Lip Mate Pencil - Asserting your own style with an impressive pair of lips 


Romand’s lip liners are always among the favorites for their color variety, high color adhesion and their ability to produce “smudging” and “gradation” effects on the user’s lips. With their high quality and safety, this product has quickly become a to-go option in Korean women’s makeup bags, creating plump and sexy lips in every makeup look.


Romand’s impressive lip liners
A wide variety of color options for the ladies

Clio - Capturing all looks with vibrant lips


Transcending a normal lip liner, Clio brings a completely new lip highlighting experience. With a soft and enduring charcoal material, with just a light glide, Clio can quickly create a sharp line, keeping your lips vibrant all day long. Furthermore, Clio also impresses beauty enthusiasts with its smooth, easy blurring effect using fingertips or a lip brush.


Diverse palette for various makeup styles

Investing on a lip liner is an important step to perfect your makeup layout. Try one of these brands from the “Land of Kimchi” to feel its difference! 

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