“Mermaid Nail” - A Vibrant Summertime Breeze from the Fresh Ocean


Sparkling, sweet, and dreamy are the words used to characterize the newest fashion trend - Mermaid Nail. Inspired by the mermaid princess Ariel in the classic animated film “The Little Mermaid,” Mermaid Nail brings a miniature version of “ocean painting” at your fingertips. The sparkling blue of the sea, the shimmering scales of fish, along with delicate pearls, all create an enchanting masterpiece.


This vibrant summertime trend, inspired by Ariel from "The Little Mermaid," features oceanic themes with sparkling blue, shimmering fish scales, and delicate pearls. 


Mermaid nails are a statement of your sweetness, dreaminess, and individuality—they're more than just a fashion statement. You'll be the center of attention with classic effects like ombre, gradient nail polish, and rhinestones, which create amazing underwater effects. For those seeking relief from the intense summer heat, Mermaid Nail is an ideal option.  With its “cooling” color tones and ocean-inspired patterns, Mermaid Nail is the best choice for this summer.


 It uses ombre, gradient polish, and rhinestones to create enchanting underwater effects, perfect for a sweet, dreamy, and individualistic look to beat the summer heat.


Vanilla Chrome - Adorning Your Hands with Pearl-like Summer Glow


Now that summer has arrived, how can you look so glowing? The perfect metallic nail color to answer this question is Vanilla Chrome. Vanilla Chrome, made popular by the “trend-setting queen” Hailey Bieber, gained immense popularity on the internet very quickly. The subtle yet striking beauty of this nail color has left experts, celebrities, and beauty enthusiasts all in awe. Inspired by the alluring sparkle of pearls, Vanilla Chrome lends sophistication, youth, and elegance to your hands with its subtle metallic sheen blending with pure white. Additionally, you can add patterns, rhinestones, or mix Vanilla Chrome with other colors to create distinctive accents to make it uniquely yours.


Vanilla Chrome combines a metallic sheen with pure white for a sophisticated, youthful, and elegant look. 


Chic with “Old Money Nails” Style


“Old Money” is a term used to characterize a traditional upper class's simple, elegant, and privileged lifestyle. Neutral colors like beige and white are the main focus of this nail art, but you can also add accents with slightly retro colors like dark, black, or brown. To create sophistication, the nail shapes are specifically made to be round, pointed, or ballerina-shaped. Even in the absence of complex designs, “Old Money Nails” maintains an understated elegance that perfectly captures the spirit of “old money.” In 2024, this is expected to be the most sought-after nail trend.


 Characterized by neutral colors like beige and white, with possible retro accents in dark, black, or brown, this trend emphasizes understated elegance. 


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