Ms. Vo Thi My Duyen - founder of the non-profit project Skills for Vietnam SFVN. Photo: Gao Nau Profile

Currently, Vo Thi My Duyen is the Ambassador of Talent Generation (under the UNESCO Center for Culture, Education and Training, UNESCO-CEP). At the same time, she is also a famous female speaker who regularly shares about skills and entrepreneurship topics for Vietnamese students and regularly appears in programs of the Central Youth Union and the Vietnam Youth Union, Provincial Military Command, Center for Investment Promotion, Trade & Tourism Development, BSSC Youth Start-up Support Center, AIESEC - The world's largest Youth Organization present in more than 108 countries, etc.


Vo Thi My Duyen is a KOL among women, a professional speaker and a frequent guest sharing skills at many leading newspapers, radio stations, and universities in Vietnam. Photo: Gao Nau Profile

Vo Thi My Duyen is currently a Master of Educational Management, a frequent guest expert at many skills programs, mental health care and Gen Z career preparation programs for the Voice of Vietnam VOV, Voice of Ho Chi Minh City VOH, BPTV, etc. and at many other media and press sites.


Not only talented, Vo Thi My Duyen currently holds many senior positions such as Training Director of VTALK Skills Academy, Founder of the SFVN Baggage Initiation Journey project, President of Skills for Vietnam.


Speaker Vo Thi My Duyen is a familiar guest expert at newspapers and radio stations in Vietnam. Photo: Gao Nau Profile

Ao Dai speaker Vo Thi My Duyen is a regular guest speaker at many leading universities such as University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Economics, University of Law, University of National Economics, University of Foreign Trade School, University of Education, etc. In addition to sharing forums for students, Speaker Ao Dai also regularly trains many large businesses and corporations such as Silab Vietnam and transaction offices of MB Bank, ACB, Vietinbank, etc.


"Before now, Ao Dai was often associated with the image of traditional costumes of female students, teachers or as a national beauty symbol in beauty pageants. I want to bring the image of the Ao Dai associated with knowledge, especially the knowledge of Vietnamese women," My Duyen shared. She also said: "In addition to highlighting her graceful and graceful figure, I hope international friends can also see the intellectual beauty of a Vietnamese girl in that Ao Dai."


Speaker Vo Thi My Duyen wishes to bring the image of the traditional Ao Dai associated with the intellectual value of Vietnamese women. Photo: Gao Nau Profile

Despite being extremely busy with a tight schedule, Ao Dai Speaker Vo Thi My Duyen still actively accompanies and is the Media Ambassador for many major charity projects in Vietnam such as the Compassion Project - Rainbow Library; Memento - Musical program raising funds for pediatric cancer patients; Head of the Spring Sunshine Project - awarded more than 30 scholarships worth 100 million VND in Binh Phuoc; Head of BH's Youth Community with many volunteer projects for the community, etc.


Her nickname "Ao Dai Speaker" was given to her by her beloved students because she often appeared in the image of the traditional Ao Dai every time she gave a speech. Photo: Gao Nau Profile

Most recently, Ms. Vo Thi My Duyen became the new 2024 Ambassador of TALENT GENERATION - one of the largest student programs in Vietnam run by the UNESCO Center for Culture and Education (UNESCO-CEP) that has been implemented since 2016 to present. Over the past 8 years, Talent Generation has accompanied nearly 300 universities and colleges, with nearly 100 businesses (Techcombank, Dat Viet VTC, VinGroup, etc) and hundreds of entrepreneurs & social leaders like Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh, Founding Chairman of Fulbright University Dam Bich Thuy, Economic expert Pham Chi Lan, former Minister of Finance of Vietnam Ha Xuan Trung, Mr. Nguyen Ba Quynh - Chairman of Hitachi Vietnam, Mr. Ngo Hoang Gia Khanh - former Vice President of Tiki, etc.


Ms. Vo Thi My Duyen - New Ambassador of Talent Generation (UNESCO - CEP) 2024
Photo: Gao Nau Profile

Ao Dai speaker Vo Thi My Duyen wishes to impart the value of skills to tens of millions of Vietnamese students, with the joint contributions of leading experts, leaders, and business owners through the project. SFVN project. On that journey, Speaker My Duyen has connected with many famous KOLs such as Tiktoker Davo's Lingo (4.8M Followers), KOL - Doctor of Psychology Dao Le Hoa An, Actress Le Bong, MC Khanh An, Miss Courage Pham Thi Tu Trinh, Tiktoker Ocean English (top 2 excellent education channels), etc.