Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 - A Springboard for the bright future of Vietnamese fashion industry


Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 emerged as a prestigious platform for the Vietnamese fashion industry, providing a stage for talented designers to showcase their unique creations and aspiring models to shine on the catwalk. Organized by ALL STAR ENTERTAINMENT under the leadership of producer: Miss & Designer Kim Phung, Male Model Dang Khoa, General Director Nguyen Minh Cao and Catwalk Director Ta Nguyen Phuc. With a futuristic theme and a dominant blue & silver color palette, this fashion show has proven its appeal right from its first "debut", making waves on forums with behind-the-scenes news about the event.


Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 - A Springboard for the bright future of Vietnamese fashion industry

New stage captivates public attention


Despite the rainy weather on the evening of June 8th, the audience seats were packed. Everyone was eagerly awaiting the latest designs from talented designers. Throughout the show, as the beauty queens, supermodels, and child models walked the runway, the audience was amazed by the impressive fashion creations. The thunderous applause that echoed throughout the auditorium was a testament to the audience's support for this large-scale art performance.


 Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 shook up the Vietnamese fashion scene with the presence of a quality cast of guests and models.

Not only did it attract attention with its outstanding designs, Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 also shook up the Vietnamese fashion scene with the presence of a quality cast of guests and models. Among them were Miss Universe Vietnam Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau, Top 5 Miss Universe Lydie - Vu, Top 5 Miss Universe Pham Thu, Singer Do Tung Lam, Champion The Next Face Stephen Nguyen, International Male Model Ngoc Tinh, Supermodel Hung Pham, Miss Fitness Model Ha My, Miss Global VietNam Hong Trang, Actor - Supermodel Nhikolai Dinh, Hanoi Male Model Nong Thanh Tung, Top 5 The Next Face Kieu Diem, Top 10 Miss Universe,..


In particular, Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 also featured supermodels from Korea: Kim Hun Sung, Kim Jun Sung, Lee Ja Woon, Lee Jong Eun, Adrian, Hamin,... The program was accompanied by sponsors Aimée Spa - Clinic - Salon, Volkswagen,, My Vita, Hoang Long Medical Service JSC, Phu My Hung,...


Affirming and shining with unique designs


The show opened with the “We Have No Limits” collection from Elysia Couture by designer Nguyen Kim Phung. Using a dominant white, silver, and purple color palette with metallic fabrics and bold and powerful cutout details, “We Have No Limits” delivers a stunning visual effect from the very first moments. True to its name, the collection serves as a message encouraging people to explore their potential and experience everything they love.


Designer Nguyen Kim Phung launches the collection "We Have No Limits," while designer Dang Thien Thu from the Lacharme brand introduces the collection "Viator."

Next, designer Dang Thien Thu brought the “Viator” collection from the Lacharme brand. The “Viator” collection painted a romantic scene with its glamorous and elegant evening gowns made of soft voile and lace. The designer cleverly used yellow, orange, and black tones to recreate the vast desert landscape with its sprawling dunes, where travelers immerse themselves in the vastness of nature.


The audience continued to explore the fashion journey through the “My Color” collection by designer Huynh Huu Tai. With the meaning of recreating the colorful life, “My Color” breathed life into the fashion outfits with the breath of life, love and youthful enthusiasm. With meticulously and meticulously decorated details, Huynh Huu Tai once again captivated the audience with his unconventional and unique designs that express his own unmistakable personal style.


Designer Huynh Huu Tai introduces the collection "My Color," and designer Ta Nguyen Phuc introduces the collection "White."

Leaving the world of colors behind, designer Ta Nguyen Phu took the audience to a pure white and pure paradise. With white as the main color, the designs in the “White” collection focus on lines and materials, creating countless nuances of this seemingly simple color. Soft, airy, and also full of elegance, “White” is like a gentle feather touching the hearts of beauty lovers.


Next, designer Phuc Dio (Diorion) introduced the “Ky Gui Viet Nam” collection to the audience. Combining modern fashion style with the spirit of folk culture, Phuc Dio put details that are deeply imbued with national identity such as conical hats, bronze drum patterns, etc. into his designs. The contrast between the past and the future creates impressive outfits that honor the beauty and values of Vietnamese culture.


The collection "Ky Gui Viet Nam" by designer Phuoc Dio, along with the collection "Con Duong Thoi Khong" by designers Dexnol & Tuan Huynh.

Finally, designers Dexnol & Tuan Huynh with the “Con Duong Thoi Khong” collection took the audience on a journey through space and time, opening the gate to a future land where people explore the universe. Details full of science fiction such as galaxy patterns and robots have made the audience amazed.


Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 concludes with remarkable highlights


Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 showcased the unique and creative perspectives of 6 talented young designers. Their distinct styles, though different, blended to create an artistic space that was both soaring and profound. Each collection was a distinct fashion story, seamlessly interwoven to form a visually stunning and inspiring show. With its initial success, the organizing committee hopes that Vietnam Future Fashion Show will become an annual event, creating a prestigious professional platform for the fashion industry both domestically and internationally.


Let’s join MGI Magazine in revisiting the journey of Vietnam Future Fashion Show 2024 and continue to accompany this prestigious platform to work together to affirm Vietnam's fashion position on the international map!