Cao Bao Khanh - the talented “sprout” conquering the catwalk runway of Vietnam Fashion Tour


Born with the purpose of bringing new and professional experiences for the young generation of Vietnamese models, Vietnam Fashion Tour has quickly attracted the attention of parents as well as talented youngsters. After the presence of familiar faces like Suri Tue Nhi and Ruby Bao My, Cao Bao Khanh is the next to be named. This young boy is no longer a strange name to the audience as he’s also a multi-talented young “leggy”, presumed to be a promising name of the Vietnamese modeling industry. His performance on the stage of Vietnam Fashion Tour left profound emotions in the hearts of the audience. 


Model kid Cao Bao Khanh
Cao Bao Khanh, the young model sensation, captivates the audience with his impressive performance at Vietnam Fashion Tour

Sharing about this young boy, Mr. Le Tran Dac Ngoc claimed: “I’m no longer surprised with Bao Khanh’s performance since he has excelled since the first days at Vietnam Star Academy. His firm and professional strides are the fruits of his effortful journey. The appearance of Bao Khanh as well as other model kids on this stage not only helps boost the excitement for the event but is also positive signals about the development and innovation of the Vietnamese fashion industry.”


Vietnam Fashion Tour exploding with model kid Cao Bao Khanh’s impressive performances


Born in 2013, Cao Bao Khanh soon revealed his passion for fashion as well as his catwalk gifts. Recognizing his interest with a “promised land”, Bao Khanh’s family has been supporting him since his first steps on the journey when facilitating him to partake in professional training courses at Vietnam Star Academy. In an environment where he can comprehensively develop himself in terms of catwalk skills and other soft skills, Bao Khanh has grown more mature, confidently showcasing himself and asserting his talent on professional stages.


Dac Ngoc Designer House and Vietnam Star Academy collaborate to bring Vietnam Fashion Tour, providing young Vietnamese models like Cao Bao Khanh with opportunities to shine on international-level fashion stages
Cao Bao Khanh, the rising star of the Vietnamese modeling industry, leaves a lasting impression with his confident and professional demeanor on the runway of Vietnam Fashion Tour

With his natural gifts along with constant efforts, Cao Bao Khanh has been entrusted by many fashion brands and designers with the opportunities to perform on big stages. In 2023, Bao Khanh left a huge impression by taking part in Vietnam International Junior Fashion Week - one of the largest fashion weeks in Southeast Asia. On the runway, he confidently strided in young designers’ unique designs, capturing all eyes with his attractive demeanor and a performing style full of personality. Continuing that success, Bao Khanh proceeds to conquer Vietnam Fashion Tour, where he has left strong impressions on renowned designers, promising collaboration opportunities with high-caliber brands and designers, step by step asserting his position in the Vietnamese fashion industry.


Cao Bao Khanh - the new hope for the Vietnamese fashion industry


With his natural talent and dedication, Cao Bao Khanh continues to make strides in the Vietnamese fashion industry, captivating audiences and attracting attention from renowned designers and brands

Cao Bao Khanh’s professional catwalk steps on the runway have truly fully convey the spirit and messages of all the designers in each outfit. The participation of this talented “sprout” at Vietnam Fashion Tour is a proof for his talent and relentless efforts. This is also a chance for him to continue to assert his position in the Vietnamese fashion industry and reap more successes in the future. Stay tuned and support Cao Bao Khanh on his journey to shine and inspire the young model generation!

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