Nairobi - Kenya’s magnificent capital 


Encapsulated in the embrace of Mother Nature, Nairobi - the proud capital city of Kenya - waves for the tourists to explore its colorful beauty and unique experiences. This is not just Africa’s largest city, but also known as “The Sun’s green city”, surrounded by peaceful suburbs and luxurious villas.


Far from everyone’s imagination about an arid and scorching hot Kenya, Nairobi has a mild and moderate subtropical climate. The hottest days in the year only reach a maximum temperature of 22 degrees Celsius, bringing a cool and refreshing atmosphere all year round. If you wish to experience the diverse culture or immerse in nature’s fresh space, Nairobi is definitely the most ideal destination when coming to Kenya. 


Nairobi - “the green gem” in the heart of Africa

The journey of exploring mysteries hidden deep inside the lakes of Kenya


Kenyan nature has generously granted this land countless freshwater and salt lakes, like precious gems hiding themselves amidst the vast meadow. Lake Victoria, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Bogoria - each of them carry a distinctive beauty, holding their visitors back with the miracles granted by nature. Sail on the dancing waves and explore the mysteries in the lakes of Kenya, admiring the majestic and rustic natural landscape with undulating mountain ranges and green forests reflecting themselves on the calm lake surface. 


Lake Victoria - “the blue crystal” in the heart of Africa
Lake Nakuru - “Flamingos paradise”
Lake Naivasha - a fantastic destination for the migrating season


Maasai Mara - A wild paradise holding tourists back


Famous for being the largest natural reserve in Kenya, Maasai Mara is unskippable for those who love exploring the wild nature and exploring the unique culture. This place possesses a diverse ecosystem, inhabiting countless African wild animals, from “giants” like elephants, rhinos, lions, bison to fast predators like cheetahs. Coming to Maasai Mara, you will have a chance to admire the majestic landscape with vast savannas, undulating mountain ranges and herds of animals roaming. Moreover, you also have a chance to visit villages and learn about the culture, ways of life, customs and traditions of the native Maasai, the oldest tribe in Kenya. 


Maasai Mara - The wild paradise
Native Maasai - the oldest tribe in Africa.

Kenya, a wild land possessing countless exciting things, is waiting for you to explore. From vast savannas where numerous wild animals roam, to colorful pink salt lakes, or modern and vibrant cities, all of them promise to bring you unforgettable experiences.


So, among the aforementioned exciting destinations, which do you want to visit the most? Stay tuned with MGI Magazine to explore other more special lands in the future! 

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