Entremets are multiple-layered cakes, consisting of mousse, sponge, coulis, and cheese with flavors that harmonize with each other. Lastly, a mirror glaze or chocolate velvet spray with fine decorations are topped outside the cake. Each cake is a blend of soft sponge layers, rich cream, and the signature flavor of fresh fruit.

Multiple layers inside an entremets (Source: LaFuong Pastry)

Notably, the layers inside each entremets are interchangeable without any formula, it all depends on the pastry chef. The unexpected combination inside each cake will definitely make diners impressed and surprised by the mystery of the different combinations of layers inside each cake.

Due to its complexity, entremets requires the meticulousness of pastry chefs to create a harmonious combination of flavors, textures, and colors. This pastry cake takes a long time to research, investigate, and test the perfect combination of taste and colors before launching every new one. If entremets is called an artwork, the entremet baker will be an artist. 

Entremets are impressive cakes for celebrations (Source: LaFuong Pastry)
Having an afternoon tea with drinks and entremet dessert (Source: Sucré Pâtisserie)

In France, entremets are commonly served as dessert and appear in afternoon tea parties. The unique taste from the combination of every flavor layer makes this premium pastry cake stand out from the traditional one. Recently, entremets is being widely used due to its symbol of elegance, sophistication, luxury, and European taste standards. Therefore, entremets will be a perfect pastry choice for celebrations or any special occasions to make the party more complete. 



Mia Dinh