Baklava cake - Turkey

Baklava Royal cake is always regarded as the pride of the Turkish because this dessert has only been used to serve the King since it was created. Baklava cake is made from 40 thin rolled dough layers, each layer is filled with minced walnuts, almonds, and pistachios.

Turkish Baklava is usually served with honey or siro. (Photo: epicurean.anoesis).

Grilled banana wrapped in sticky rice - Vietnam

Originating from a normal dish from the Western area of Vietnam, grilled banana wrapped in sticky rice grows famous and becomes national culinary culture. This well-known dish is made from ripped bananas, wrapped with sticky rice outside. Its two sides are well-grilled on charcoals, and it is served with coconut milk, peanuts, and fresh coconuts.

Grilled banana wrapped in sticky rice is popular among young people. (Photo: Cooking classy).

Cheesecake - Kenya

Cheesecake is mainly made from cheeses, eggs, and sugar mixture, so it has a high cheesy level. The cake can be divided into one or several different layers with crumbs or sponge cake base. Cheesecake can be baked or refrigerated.

European common dessert. (Photo: kaluhiskitchen).

Almond cake - Qatar

Qatar almond cake is fairly similar to traditional brownie chocolate in some European countries. However, this dessert is less well-known. It has a pale yellow for being made of fresh butter, and brown sugar along with some common ingredients like sugar, flour, baking powder…

Almond cake can be served with chocolate sauce. (Photo: shailaja.rajeev).

Brownie - Brazil

The Brownie’s mainstay is a dark color muscovado sugar and grilled nuts. While muscovado sugar creates an aromatic smell and greasiness, Brazilian nuts make a nutty flavor and crispy texture for the cake.

Brazilian Brownie is a favorite cake in many places worldwide. (Photo: cdipinto).

Strawberries with chocolate covers - Germany

To create a dish that is in the top 9 best desserts in the world, two must-have ingredients are fresh strawberries and melted chocolate. After being fully covered with chocolate, each strawberry is frozen before being served. 

IStrawberries covered with chocolate are suitable for summer days. (Photo: Internet).

Malva Pudding - South Africa

The traditional dish is made from flour, milk, fresh butter, apricot jam and served with caramel sauce or creamy sauce. Malva pudding, nowadays, appears in stores, restaurants, and family meals.

Malva pudding is a familiar dish with South Africans. (Photo: myburntorange).

Gelato ice cream - Italy

Coming to Italy, we can easily come across shops specializing in gelato ice cream - the favorite frozen dessert of local people. Gelato is mainly made from sugar, and milk with a low-fat level of 5-7% and three to four times as heavy as ordinary ice cream.

Gelato ice cream has a thicker texture than other ice creams. (Photo: Internet).

Sandesh - India

Sandesh is a cake made from an Indian traditional frozen milk mixture named Chenna. The mixture is usually heated with sugar on a low heat level for hours till it gets thicker. To increase the cake’s flavor, people in the Bengal area add saffron, fruit siro, or dried nuts.

People in the Bengal area of India like milk and butter originated dished. (Photo: Internet).