Echoes from a golden era 


Rewinding time over 300 years ago, Saint Petersburg was “born” by Peter the Great in 1703, with the aim of constructing a city that showcased the might of great Russia. The initial construction site began in 1703 on the “Hare Island” won from the Swedes. The first structure built on the island was the Saint Petersburg Fortress, now known as the Peter and Paul Fortress, which is the resting place of the Tsars. Over more than 3 centuries with many historical events, the place name Saint Petersburg has been renamed several times, from Petrograd to Leningrad, and then returned to Saint Petersburg after the referendum in 1991. 


The magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan.


“The cultural capital” of the beautiful poplar land 


Nestled along the romantic Neva River, Saint Petersburg is known as the “cultural capital” of Russia, attracting visitors with its magnificent, mystical beauty and rich artistic atmosphere. Recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s most captivating tourist cities, Saint Petersburg owns 221 museums, 2.000 libraries and thousands of unique historical, architectural and cultural landmarks. On average, the city hosts over 100 festivals and cultural competitions each year, including more than 50 international events, drawing visitors from all over the world. 

Not only that, with its luxurious and magnificent palaces, Saint Petersburg is often likened to the “Venice of the North” or the ‘city of palaces”. The gentle Neva River embraces the city, reflecting the massive and intricate architectural structures, creating a breathtaking picture. 

Saint Petersburg - The "city of palaces"


The vivid spectacle amid the night sky: The scarlet sails festival 


The white night of Saint Petersburg is not only beautiful because of the mystical lights but also due to the vibrant festival activities, especially the Scarlet Sails Festival. This event is eagerly anticipated by locals and tourists every summer. The most impressive moment of the festival is when the bright red sails appear amidst the dazzling fireworks. The entire atmosphere illuminates, highlighting the image of a crimson sail floating on the romantic Neva River. The wind-filled boat shines brightly as a wish for good things, for a successful and brilliant journey. In the shimmering twilight, the red sails become an indispensable symbol of Saint Petersburg’s white night. 


Saint Petersburg - The “cultural capital” of Russia

Throughout the flow of world history in general and Russian history in particular, Saint Petersburg appears as a legendary symphony, connecting the melodies of the past and present, creating a magnificent portrait of culture and art. With its romantic beauty and majestic architecture, this city is not only a destination for tourists but also the heart of the essence of the world. Let’s join MGI to admire the romantic and majestic beauty of this eternal witness of history! 

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