Moon World Resort under construction in Dubai, UAE – a chain of hotels featuring a giant moon-shaped dome design with each sphere being a 360-degree model of the Moon on a large scale, complete with lifelike craters and textures.

Model of a resort with a moon-shaped dome (Photo: Moon World Resorts.)

The "artificial moon" is expected to be built with a height of 225 meters and a circumference of about 622 meters, designed with a unique dome, as realistic as the image of the moon, and equipped with pedestals and lighting systems to create soft light at night. This unique design aims to provide a modern experience with full amenities as a high-end resort.

This resort includes a luxury hotel with 4000 rooms, a spacious hall that can accommodate 10,000 people, and many other facilities such as a conference center, restaurant, spa,...

The resort in the project will include all the usual amenities in a luxury hotel but give guests the experience of being truly on the moon 

Michael R. Henderson, co-founder of Moon World Resorts, shared that the Moon model is the main highlight of this project. It will create a significant influence on the brand and catch up with travel trends in the future. 

Accordingly, the project team believes that in the future, extraterrestrial resorts will become a trend that many tourists are interested in. Therefore, the group decided to build a unique hotel in Dubai, with a giant dome designed to resemble the shape of the Moon.

The structure of the project is expected to include a resort destination inside the spherical structure, complete with a 4,000-room hotel, and an arena with a capacity of 10,000 people. (Photo: Moon World Resorts.)

The team of architects designed the resort's interior in the style of a spaceship and offered themed recreational activities, including a simulated moon-walking experience (an attractive highlight for visitors).

There are also many other major projects underway. The Nakheel Group, for example, kicked off the Palm Jebel Ali project with a multibillion-dollar plan to build 80 resorts and hotels on the man-made Dubai Islands. Although there have been many projects springing up, Henderson's plans have the potential to go further than others by keeping pace with the overall space tourism sector.

The Moon World Resorts project is likely to be an affordable alternative to space tourism. (Photo: Moon World Resorts.)

Explaining the above statement, Mr. Henderson said that space tourism is currently extremely expensive, which has become a barrier for most tourists. According to the announcement of Virgin Galactic Aerospace Company, tourists have to spend $ 450,000 (nearly 11 billion VND) for each seat on a space flight. Instead, visitors only spend about 500 USD (a relatively low price) to experience the feeling of walking on the "moon" in Moon World Resort. 

Currently, the Moon World Resort project is calling for investment capital of 5 billion USD for construction with the intention to complete it by 2027 in Dubai.