Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter is a park in Tokyo, Japan based on the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is also the second theme park in the world to be built based on the famous Harry Potter film series. Similar to Warner Bros's original studio in the UK, the theme park in Tokyo also features exhibits, costumes, props, special effects, and maquettes used in the production of the Harry Potter films.

All scenes and decorations bring the feeling of being immersed in the wizarding world.  (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)

The park is located on the 30,000-square-meter site of one of the largest amusement parks in Tokyo, Toshimaen Park (closed in August 2020 after nearly 100 years of operation). To visit the Harry Potter park organized by Warner Bros Studios Japan, visitors must reserve admission tickets for 6,300 yen ($45) for those 18 and older, 5,200 yen for those between the ages of 12 and 17, and 3,800 yen for children aged 4 to 11.

Upon entering the park, visitors will be treated to the Great Hall – which plays an essential role in the lives of all Hogwarts students (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)

The tour is divided into an indoor area and an outdoor background area. The indoor sound stage will accommodate most of the major attractions such as the film set, while the outdoor stage will showcase iconic homes, vehicles, several sculptures, and outdoor seating areas. 

Forbidden forest area - home to magical creatures and dark secrets, this place is designed to look like a normal forest but it becomes scary and magical when you go deeper. (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)
To travel to London's Ministry of Magic, visitors must enter via telephone, toilet, or the Floo Network using one of the giant fireplaces, each over three meters high. (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)

One of the highlights of the outdoor stage is Tokyo's two train stations decorated in the Wizarding World theme. Two train stations include Toshimaen Station, which is based on the Hogsmeade train station from the Harry Potter books, and Ikebukuro Station, inspired by London's King's Cross railway station.

Platform 9 ¾  was one of Harry's first experiences in the Wizarding World. During production, many scenes were shot on location at a crowded train station in central London. (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)

Besides the attractions, visitors can experience afternoon tea and other typical British dishes such as fish and chips, and roast beef at the theme park restaurant and café. Visitors can also enjoy food and drinks inspired by the famous novel and movie.

Coming to the Studio, visitors will enjoy "Afternoon Tea" along with attractive pastries inspired by Professor Umbridge. (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)

There is also the world's largest Tour Studio store, where visitors can purchase a range of witch-related products and other exclusive items. It is also the only store that offers exclusive products about the wizarding world such as acceptance letters, wands, cloaks, T-shirts, chests, Hogwarts accessories, and notebooks,...

The souvenir guidebook is filled with interesting facts about the world of Harry Potter and behind-the-scenes information about the film. (Photo: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo)