Purple Island is another name for two archipelagos Banwol and Bakji, located in the South Jeolla province of South Korea. On the island cluster, there is more than 40,000 purple lavender, and more than 400 roofs are “purpled”; each road, garden, equipment, and even people are dreamy and brilliant purple. All create a romantic and peaceful scene here.

Purple almost covers the entire space of the island. (cre: Internet)
“Dyed purple” scenery of the island. (cre: Purple Island)

The project for the island’s innovation has been planned since 2015, inspired by the purple bellflowers. The local government has painted purple for all 400 roofs and simultaneously planted a giant lavender field and more than 30,000 wildflowers of the same color. 

Tourists visit and take photos. (Cre: yen_pic)

All the constructions on the island are also “purple”. This investment has recovered a deserted island to become an attractive tourist destination and welcomed nearly 500,000 visitors since 2019 - after the project was completed.

Another attraction here is the Cheonsa Bridge, also known as the “Angel Bridge” connecting two islands of Banwol and Bakji with a total length of virtually 1500m. Especially at night, the purple bridge is lit up with colored lights creating a romantic atmosphere for tourists to experience. 

Purple Bridge was newly built in 2007. (cre: god_zer0.s2)