Havana - The soul of Cuba


Havana - Cuba’s ancient and romantic heart - is an ideal destination for those who love finding out about ancient history and architecture. This place is like a picture where time is preserved intact, bringing tourists extremely special emotions. Strolling on ancient streets, tourists will be astonished by the beauty of magnificent Baroque buildings, of unique artistic structures imbued with the mark of history. Ancient colorful cars roaming on the streets take you to an era back in time, arousing nostalgia and romance. Enjoying a cool mojito, dancing to the lively salsa and immersing into the cheerful and crowded atmosphere of the locals is an unskippable experience when coming to this beautiful capital city.


Havana - Ancient and romantic beauty in the middle of the Caribbean

Embrace the dusk at Malecon beach

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life, get to Malecon - where peace embraces you in the arms of the colorful dusk. Strolling on the beach’s shore, you can feel each cool sea breeze swifting through your hair, whispering in your ears stories about the vast ocean. The waves softly splash into the shore as if singing a lullaby for your soul, putting away your worries and sorrows. Immerse in that space and enjoy the delicious specialties, enjoy your cool mojito to fully appreciate the peace and beauty of dusk here. 

Malecon - Where peace embraces the colorful dusk

Wander into Vinales valley - Prehistoric beauty

Lying amidst the majestic limestone mountain ranges and green forests, Vinales valley appears like a rustic and alluring nature painting, holding tourists back from their first glance. This place is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, and is an unskippable destination for those who love exploring nature and finding out about history. When coming here, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the mystic caves eroded by nature through millions of years, prehistoric pictures on the cliffs showing human evolution, and small peaceful villages hiding behind the special forests.

Explore the prehistoric valley hiding amidst the majestic rock mountains

Nature’s beauty is limitless, and it would be amazing if we could fully enjoy them with all our own senses. If you have a chance, come to Cuba at least once, the country that is meticulously carved by the hands of Mother Nature, to immerse in each breath of this special island nation! 

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