The Great Wall of China - The wall enclosing many “mysteries” of the world 


Standing tall amidst China, known as the greatest structure built by humans, the Great Wall of China is like a white piece of silk swerving and embracing the mountains and rivers. With its construction starting from the 5th century BCE, through many ups and downs of history, the Great Wall now stretches 21,196 kilometers. In parts of the wall around its capital Beijing, Simatai, Jiankou, Mutianyu and Badaling are the most crowded sites. Each section of the Wall has its very own beauty, providing tourists with unique and unforgettable experiences. Transcending language and culture, the Great Wall of China is the symbol of utmost power, the country’s resilient will, attracting tourists to China.


The Great Wall of China - a masterpiece of humanity

Beijing - Asia’s largest and most worthy city to live 


Through the highs and lows of history, Beijing still stands tall, being the last kingdom in the “Four Ancient Capitals” of China. This is not only the country’s top political, cultural, and educational center, but also an unskippable tourist destination to anyone who loves exploring and experiencing.


Coming to Beijing, tourists will be astonished by the magnificent beauty of ancient structures like the majestic Great Wall of China, the splendid Forbidden City, or the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty, where the Ming kings are buried. Strolling across the ancient streets, tourists can feel the vibrant and bustling of a modern and crowded Beijing.


Beijing - The heart of China, an unskippable destination
Shopping paradise with countless malls 

Shanghai Bund - A thousand years of culture, one step of modernity 

The heart of a vibrant China encloses a mesmerizing Shanghai Bund, where lies the perfect intersection of modern and ancient beauty. This place not only attracts its tourists by its skyscrapers, crowded shopping malls, but also holds them back by its ancient cultural heritage sites like its traditional gardens or ancient water towns.

Strolling by the Bund, tourists are as if wandering into a different world, where time just seems to stop. Traditional gardens with bonsais that are hundreds of years old, ancient houses hiding by a poetic canal, all create an incredibly peaceful and quiet painting. 

Shanghai Bund - where modernity and ancientry intersect

Rainbow Mountains - a fairy-tale world on the Silk Road 


Northeastern China encloses a precious gem named Zhangye Danxia Geopark, where nature grants a majestic and picturesque mountain range with colorful tones. This is commonly called “Rainbow Mountains”, attracting its tourists with its magnificent and unique beauty of sedimentary rock layers through processes of weathering and oxidation, creating radiant lines of color like red, maroon, lime, yellow, blue, etc. 


Coming to Zhangye Danxia, tourists will be able to immerse in a vast space, where undulating mountain ranges wave like soft strands of silk. Each perspective is a perfect painting, astounding and alluring the tourists. This is a paradise for photography enthusiasts, because each moment can keepsake unique artistic photos. 


Zhangye Danxia - A mesmerizing nature painting

These four aforementioned unique sites in the article have drawn a colorful picture about a mystic and intriguing China. Which of them touched your adventurous heart in your next exploring journey? Don’t forget to follow MGI Magazine to not miss any other special lands in the future!

Keva | Cameron Truong