The Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) - A historical proof in London 


Anyone who has ever been in love with British films must be captivated by the image of The Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben. This unique cultural symbol not only appears in real life but also adorns the setting of countless cinematic classics. From the mysterious “Harry Potter” to the romantic “Notting Hill”, Big Ben is present as a silent character, contributing to the charm of each story. In spite of having been shown through different angles, under different kinds of lightning and context, Big Ben has still retained its proud, majestic and time-stamped beauty of The Land of Mist. 


Elizabeth Tower appearing in the popular movie Harry Potter.


More than just an architectural work, Big Ben is a symbol of British spirit and identity. The sound of bells echoing from the Clock Tower is like dear greetings to all people, being the pride of locals here. And on the big screen, Big Ben is also an indispensable fulcrum, contributing to bringing that unique cultural beauty of Britain to the mass worldwide audience. 


Elizabeth Tower currently.


Buckingham Palace - The mark of authority in the heart of the capital


When mentioning movies about the British Royal Family, we cannot ignore the Buckingham Palace - the powerful heart and symbol of the long history of The Land of Mist. Located in the magnificent London, Buckingham Palace has long been a familiar setting for countless cinematic works, giving audiences stunning footage of the luxury and splendor of the British Royal Family. Built in 1703, Buckingham Palace is not only the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II but also the venue for important royal events such as state banquets, important political meetings, etc. Ancient-modern mixed architecture, along with splendid and luxurious interiors has created a strong attention for Buckingham Palace on the screen. 


The furniture of Buckingham Palace revived in the movie “The Crown” (2016).
The architecture outside the palace is meticulously recreated.


London Eye - Millennium Wheel: Traveling to the mysterious world of Sherlock Holmes


No matter if you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes or just simply a tourist falling in love with the beauty of London, London Eye is definitely a destination that cannot be passed by. Located on the South Bank of the romantic River Thames, this “tallest cantilevered observation wheel in Europe” towers at a height of 135 meters, promising to bring you such a spectacular travel experience. The romantic beauty of foggy London will fully appear before your eyes when you step into those giant glass compartments of the London Eye. From above, you can admire famous landmarks such as the Big Ben Clock Tower, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, etc. or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant and bustling city view. The London Eye is even more widely known for being the main setting for the Sherlock Holmes films. This place has contributed to creating a mysterious but romantic atmosphere, stimulating viewers’ curiosity and imagination.


London Eye is a familiar destination to Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts. 


The romantic Britain has always been an inspiration for artists all over the world. With such a favored beauty, it is certain that British cinema will have a lot of potential for further development in the future. Let’s join MGI Magazine to discover more interesting things about famous places around the world! 


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