Step 1: Find out the root cause

Finding out why you lose confidence is the key to reversing the spiral. This process will not only restore your confidence, but also give you strength in the next journey. Taking time to understand your environment, thoughts, behaviors and interpersonal relationships can help you identify the negative effects that need to be addressed.

A simple way to find out the root cause is to ask yourself some questions and then answer them yourself. It can be about the unrealistic expectations you set for yourself, the path you are taking and the partners on your path. Your answer to the question will help you get rid of anyone and anything that pulls you down.

Step 2: Remember "Who are you?"

Take out a piece of paper and write down the years you live most honestly. People tend to remember and reflect more on the negative things in life, which may be the adverse experiences and injuries in the past. This will make you afraid, feel inferior and even hate yourself. Have you ever asked a question: "What should I do?" But in the end, you did it, and you did it well. Your paper may be short or long, but when you write down what you did in the past to get to where you are today, you will see your growth process more clearly, thus recognizing and inspiring you to move forward.

Step 3: Start modeling

This is a phrase that you often hear in the field of fashion and stages. You wouldn't expect this phrase to be an effective way to rebuild confidence quickly. In the elevator, in the corridor, or the bathroom, when something shakes your belief and ability, try to create a "goddess posture". You just need to stand up straight, take up space, put your hands on your hips, tilt your chin up and exhale slowly. Our attitude often depends on our behavior, so this power posture will make you feel more confident and stronger.

Step 4: Say "No"

Losing self-confidence means that you have lost power, and one of the fastest ways to rebuild power is to say "no". Say "no" and focus on what you think you can't do, or you no longer do as well as before. Focus your energy on everything you know, everything you have experienced, the wisdom you have gained and the skills you have. Whenever you lose confidence due to various factors, don't forget to say to yourself, "No, this is a mistake, I definitely can do it..."

Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady and wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Losing confidence in yourself will always happen, but you can choose, because you have the strength and you will do well.

 Karlfya | Lynn