A concert is a live show performed in front of a large number of audiences. In the field of art and entertainment, the word "concert" is particularly popular. Usually, concerts are held by US-UK or K-Pop artists for their fan communities in stadiums, parks, or entertainment complexes. Depending on the scope of the program, concerts are held in a variety of settings. 

Many concerts are held annually (Image source: Muneeb Syed) 


The scale of a concert can be up to thousands or tens of thousands of people, especially receiving a lot of affection from young people. According to statistics site Statista, the revenue from live performances is expected to reach $33.8 billion in 2023, up 48.9% from 2019. These data prove the miraculous recovery of the music entertainment industry after the pandemic and explain many superstars' sold-out shows. 

Concert attracts a lot of young people (Image source: Carina Kavalho)

Why then are so many people willing to pay for concerts that are currently freely available on online music platforms?

For many fans, going to a concert is an opportunity to return “home”. Although it can accommodate tens of thousands of people, an individual concert by an artist, band, or group is still considered a very private place. There exists a connection between fans and idols. Moreover, immersing themselves in a concert is the time when they can live with sincere emotions, when they are in tune with thousands of people who share the same passion, heading towards the stage together.

Attending concert can impact positively ( Image source: Danny Howe) 

Additionally, many studies show that those who laugh, dance, and sing along typically live longer than those who do not. Therefore, partaking in concert-related activities like dancing, singing, or cheering is a great way to control stress levels and maintain good health. Research found that music increases emotional well-being by over 20%. Music shows are often aimed at spreading positive energy among participants, so a lot of young people are determined to own a ticket to get rid of their worries.

It is also essential to take some information into consideration ( Image source: Abigail Lynn) 

However, a lot of individuals attend concerts with a completely condemnable attitude. A concert can be expensive to attend in terms of ticket prices, airfare, and lodging expenses if it is held overseas. Many people are forced into debt in order to pay for enormous sums that are beyond their means. 

Since most concerts take place in the evening, getting there sometimes requires fighting through rush hour traffic, which greatly increases travel time and aggravation. What is more, it can be risky if a fan attends a concert alone because of an unfamiliar place or the crowd. It's crucial to pay attention to surroundings and take precautions to stay safe.

Additionally, some people gather tickets and resell them for two to three times higher than the official ticket price, creating a chaotic market. Besides, there are some other incidents in which attendees are injured or stuck in the crowd. According to US Billboard, on 5/3/2023, police believe concertgoers received a shooting warning, causing the frightened crowd to rush towards the exit and turn into a stampede. Three ladies were found inside the Main Street Armory hall in Rochester, New York, with serious wounds when police arrived.



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