FOMO is also known as the Fear of Missing Out symptom. FOMO is a state of anxiety that occurs when people are not aware of fun and exciting events shared by their friends on social platforms.). For instance, FOMO is defined as seeing the photos of one’s friends on social media platforms, but not seeing herself/himself in the photos, and therefore having negative emotions.

In a nutshell, this fear comes from not catching up with others' lives.

FOMO in fashion

Young people get in touch with fashion trends, and news much easier these days on the peak of social media. All new collections are updated right on the brand fanpage after the model shows. For that reason, eagerness and fear of missing new trends are formed, this may go along with a little anxiety, a desire to be proud of outfit oneself, or a feeling of keeping up with the latest trends.

Fashion plays a crucial role, as a tool that assists in showing ego and a method to control mentality. For these needs, fast fashion appears. There are stores being able to create trendy and cheap products in a only short period. However, a few days-made products are fake versions of designs that need months to be created.

FOMO and the shopping addiction trend. (Source: Pinterest).

So, what should we do to avoid being victims of FOMO in fashion?

Know your wardrobe well

Young people usually have the sense of lacking clothes, The fact of thinking that you are missing something makes you want to purchase new stuff. Therefore, the first thing to do is check your own wardrobe to know what you are having too much and missing. Then, FOMO syndrome will be eased down and you will be aware of what you really need.

Keeping the wardrobe in order will help the youth restrict FOMO status (Source: Pinterest).

Mix and match in various ways to recycle

A basic T-shirt can even be changed in several ways, then creates many outfits to help anyone become well-dressed. For example, add a belt on the waist, together with a jacket (a denim jacket will create a different appearance compared to a blazer), you can either tug it in or just leave it outside, and can either re-paint or add pins,... Learning to vary the clothes to have more outfits and not have to buy too much is one of the most effective solutions.

 T-shirt mix-and-match suggestions (Source: Pinterest)

Find out about sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is currently a trend, and being aware the fast fashion has negative impacts on the environment will help young people moderate continuous shopping and FOMO syndrome in fashion themselves. FOMO is a psychological syndrome. Sometimes, shopping to let off steam or to give oneself a reward is good, but this should not be abused. We should shop wisely, and consume appropriately to have an environmentally-friendly wardrobe and avoid wasting money on unnecessary!

Recycling your old clothes may decrease your FOMO syndrome (Source: Pinterest)